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English general considered one of the greatest generals in history (1650-1722)

British statesman and leader during World War II

a Canadian town in northern Manitoba on Hudson Bay

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Instead of a stirring Churchillian team talk, he'll tell his men: "Look, it'd be lovely if we won but the main thing is that nobody gets hurt.
To borrow the Churchillian metaphor, the US president intends to try jaw-jaw ahead of war-war.
Rather than utter Churchillian speeches, the indomitable blindside flanker or No8 plans to show his team the way forward on the field.
has an "unexpectedly fragile" ego, and indulges in the Churchillian habit of smoking cigars.
It's surely clear that Ratko Mladic, who oversaw the massacre of at least 7,500 Bosnian men and boys, should be granted Churchillian justice and taken out into a yard and shot.
In an almost Churchillian bid to stand firm against the onward march of forces of pee-vil, I have invested in a territorial defence system.
He went on to lambaste the "motives" of opponents as "extreme," "immoral" and "evil," adding in his best Churchillian tones (Winnie's picture is what Bettencourt uses on his Facebook page, by the bye) that such behavior was a "disgrace" at "such a difficult time in our state's economic history.
Far from capturing the headlines with sonorous Churchillian rhetoric about what his civilisation stands for, Cameron was mostly preoccupied with the British budget.
3663 First For Foodservice has launched a Churchillian campaign to encourage its staff to show wartime spirit to fight for the future of the business.
And Pelosi's pledge to expand Pell grants is positively Churchillian.
But for those with thinner skins and less than Churchillian resolve (i.
Bush strikes poses of jut-jawed, Churchillian resolution; confronting an insurgent, nuclear-equipped North Korea, he essays a credible Neville Chamberlain impersonation.
The posters' antique Modernism may have been intended to evoke positive memories of a stalwart and determined Churchillian Britain.
Neuman but then morphed into a statesman of Churchillian gravitas.