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the yard associated with a church


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TIDYING UP: St Mary's vicar, the Rev Jamie Allen, puts his back into the task of clearing the church yard, with help from church warden Keith Lyons.
James the Great, Flockton on Monday January 25th at 11am followed by interment in the church yard.
People, who could not enter the hall, followed the services at the church yard.
Then the Minister moved to the town of Neeha, whereby he was greeted by locals at the St Antonious Church yard.
St Barnabas Church yard, in Erdington, is covered in thick grass and used as a drinking den for hoodlums who have even left human waste on graves.
Elm Street Congregational Church Yard and Bake Sale 8 a.
He'll be at St Augustine's Church on February 22 to tell unexpected stories from the church yard.
Published on Friday, 27 December 2013 13:09 PNN Among activities of Bethlehem Unwrapped festival, a number of activists in London erected on Thursday, a replica of Israel's Apartheid Wall that surrounds the city of Bethlehem, in the church yard of St James' near Piccadilly Circus in central London.
They took down the old stone walls that surrounded the church yard and laid old gravestones flat to create a public square with a labyrinth, mosaics with images from everyday life, quotations not from the church but compatible with its teaching, and a fountain for kids to play in.
By the end of the week, we had looked in seven different habitats, the meadow, vegetable garden, the forest schools area, the church yard, the orchard field and the village pond and stream.
It is the church yard which is closed, not the 1 9th Century church itself, as reported in the Daily Post last Thursday.
A MAN who sold memorial plaques stolen from a church yard for scrap metal has been jailed for six months.
Paul's, Simcoe, made jewellery and sold it at the annual church yard sale.
The team of archaeologist Nikolay Ovcharov also found a 30-gram silver ring with a figure of lilies (fleur-de-lis) during their excavations in the church yard.
Members of the 2000 excavation team report on information retrieved about inhabitation dating back to prehistoric times, but they are primarily interested in the bodies that were buried in the church yard beginning just before 1700.