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Is this tradition of church signs so beautifully captured in The Great American Book of Church Signs an extension of the Hebrew Wisdom tradition reflected in the Book of Proverbs?
Turn second right at the church sign and park neatly at the bottom of the lane.
He caught sight of the dimly lit Kokura Korean Church sign and read the words in Japanese and Korean: "Come unto me, all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Follow the road over the classical river bridge to a road junction and turn left at the church sign.
In a few yards park on the wide layby on the right next to a footpath and church sign.
After the Village Inn on the left climb Church Hill and turn right at the Church sign.
Supreme Court will hear a lawsuit over restrictions on church signs in Gilbert, Ariz.
But the messages should be fresh and avoid negative slogans, such as '''hell's waiting for you' kinda thing,'' said Woody Murray, a former advertising agency worker who in recent years wrote a column about church signs.
We can work with any encoder, so almost as soon as a church signs up, they can start streaming," Gerrish says.
In about two blocks, turn left in the median of the street when you see the Friendship Agape Church and San Jose Christian Reformed Church signs on the left.
Crummy Church Signs is a great site for a good laugh or for some signage inspiration.
Organizer Chris Love started the peaceful march in response to the many Westboro Baptist Church signs that the LGBT community has faced for years on Topeka's streets and most recently, nationally as they picket military funerals.
You embarrassed me with your phony pictures of church signs [Summer 2006 EIJ].