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a private religious school run by a church or parish

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BACK in the days before devolution, a former UK scene do Secretary of State for Education famously said to a group of church educationalists: "If only we could take what you do in church schools and bottle it
It will be in the city until November and will end with a service at Coventry Cathedral attended by pupils from all church schools across Coventry and Warwickshire.
Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many parents want to send their children to church schools where they know worship is an integral part of the school ethos.
We are interested in every school, not just church schools, but church schools give the possibility of a more controlled environment so people can see whether Christian structure and organisation make a difference.
The DBE of the Church of England has no such power of its own to keep open or close church schools.
The Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, Bishop of Manchester, said; "The Real Easter Egg gives church schools their first ever chance to buy an Easter egg that not only tastes good but does good.
The Church in Wales' first ever Education Review found its 168 church schools, as a group, performed "consistently above the average for Wales".
Mrs Brown admitted one of the reasons why parents responded so well to the change may be because of church schools having a good reputation for good discipline and results.
Church schools in parts of Worcestershire are under threat from a local authority plan to get rid of 1,000 pupil places.
Churches and church schools should rely on private donations, not public support.
appropriately criticizes the 1978 proposal by the IRS to remove tax exemptions of church schools with "insufficient" percentages of minority students, a wholly unworkable plan.
Church schools by their nature are places of openness and exploration and make an invaluable contribution to the richness of education in Wales.
The Nicholas Chamber-laine Schools Foundation, an education trust for Bedworth's Anglican Church schools, has given pounds 5,000 to convert an existing quiet room into a chapel.
In the words of Mr Hallows, it believes it already has ``the ethos, the beliefs and the standards'' of the best church schools.
Sir, - In your article (Post, Jun 12), regarding the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the University of Birmingham, you reported that the Archbishop referred to Church schools and made it sound as if this was the main theme of his address.