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the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy

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Similarly, Muslim Turks are credited with safeguarding Eastern European Protestants and Eastern Orthodox Christians alike from pressure and persecution exerted by the Church of Rome.
Bellarmine's theories raised the possibility of physical obedience to the English state combined with spiritual loyalty of the Church of Rome.
FOR more than a quarter of a century he was the rock on which the Church of Rome was built, a symbol of spiritual permanence in a world increasingly driven by politicians in pursuit of their own glory.
The Maronite Church, one of only two Eastern Catholic churches with no Orthodox counterpart, traces its origin to the fourth century and has always been in full communion with the church of Rome.
Actually here Donne barely touches on the church of Rome, and does not mention puritans at all.
Although Knollys touched on various apocalyptic and eschatological themes in these works, that of greatest interest for this study was his understanding of the Church of Rome and his interpretation of the eschatological Antichrist, particularly as it related to the former.
I do not want to suggest that the Church of Rome, by condemning the death penalty today, is only pursuing in new circumstances the old struggle between the pa pacy and the empire.
If Saunders Lewis ever did support Mussolini, it would have been to acknowledge his statesmanship in arranging the Concordat between the Pope, as head of the church of Rome and himself as head of the state in Italy in 1929.
While Islamic traders in Baghdad were exchanging goods and ideas with their African and Byzantine neighbors, the Vikings were busy spreading their culture not only to the coast of Europe, where feudal lords and the church of Rome competed for dominance, but to the distant shores of North America as well.
Commenting on "the wealth and grandeur within," Douglass points out that "the Church of Rome today receives gifts from all the Christian world, our own republican country included.
Peter's Square for recalling this moment, so important in the life of the Church of Rome, of the universal church and, naturally, in my life,'' the pontiff told the crowd.
Topics such as apostolic ministry, selected passages from the Demonstration of Apostolic Preaching and Against Heresies, the pilgrimage of Abraham in Irenaeus, the invocation of the name of Jesus, the church of Rome, the Rule of Faith, liturgy and eschatology, prophetic charism, and perfect love are explored in depth.
Steve West Cardiff Road, Llandaff, Cardiff DAVID Williams' recent letter in which he referred to celibacy reminded me of the story about the young novice monk who went to Rome and was given the task of checking all the various manuscripts on which the doctrines of the Church of Rome was based.
But I really wish that she would differentiate between the Holy catholic and Apostolic church, in which I believe, and confirm in the Creed, and the catholic church of Rome, under the driving force of the Pope.
Howwould the four million catholics in England,Wales and Scotland react if the call was to break away from the church of Rome and decree that the Pope was no longer to be identified as the leader of that church?
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