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(Christianity) any of about 70 theologians in the period from the 2nd to the 7th century whose writing established and confirmed official church doctrine

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The contract is restoration work within the Church Fathers of the Philippine on the Holy Mountain in Gostyn, including:
The Church Fathers interpreted the katechon as the Roman Empire.
Over 900 quotes from the writings of early Church Fathers as well as rare documents dating back to early Christian history provide a fine survey and history of the concepts and spread of Christianity.
The development of their aesthetics was influenced by the Augustinian during the period of the early church fathers.
The book also offers a concise exposition of the notion of deification in the early church fathers, Irenaeus of Lyon, Clement of Alexandria, Hippolyms of Rome (2nd-3rd cc.
We present our vision which is based on Biblical teachings and the traditions of the Church Fathers that contradict with what the Church leadership currently applies under Pope Shenouda," he said.
Clement, Ignatius, Irenaeus, Justin and Hippolytus, to cite a few church fathers from the first to the third centuries, all spoke and wrote in Greek, the Roman church's original language.
The Beauty of the Eucharist: Voices from the Church Fathers by Dennis Billy, C.
He begins with the Church Fathers and then looks at the flourishing of millenarianism in AD 1000, the Black Death, millenarian sects during the Civil Wars, the Irvingites.
Very highly recommended reading for members of all Christian denominations and church affiliations, "A Primer On Biblical Studies" also covers analysis and criticism of biblical literature, the writings of the early church fathers, theology, apologetics, and the chronology of the Bible.
1) Thus, many of us Mennonites who have come to share Boyarin's passion for early Christian texts, including the texts of the church fathers, have also shared Boyarin's anxiety about this very desire.
The topic itself is a substantial one, as the influence of the church fathers was fundamental in the early modern era to the development of humanism, Catholic and Reformation theologies, as well as philosophy.
It seems as though the Church Fathers are intent on selling this green area for yet another building development.
The outlook of those church fathers spread in Europe, resulting eventually in the Vatican mandating celibacy for priests.
To this end the author collects evidence to uncover Greco-Roman and Jewish attitudes towards sex and marriage in the early centuries of our era and examines documents of the early church fathers pertaining to virginity, marriage, and sexual activity.