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(Christianity) any of about 70 theologians in the period from the 2nd to the 7th century whose writing established and confirmed official church doctrine

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From the list in KV one can gauge at a glance, who is the earliest Church Father to be preserved on papyrus (Clement of Alexandria, KV 9) and at what date (III-IV AD).
The Church Father Jerome stated in his chronicle for the year 94 BC (or possibly 96 or 93) that Lucretius was born in that year and that years later a love potion drove him insane.
He contributes to the study of early New Testament texts and transmission by piecing together the version fourth-century Greek Church Father Athanasius of Alexandria used from the quotations of it in his own writing.
The author mentions one church father who suggests the age of 3 for child baptisms so that children might be able to speak the desired responses for themselves.
At least three other early Christian writings condemn turning away a person in want: one writing was a first- or second-century Syrian or Palestinian church manual, (2) another was the related Letter of Barnabas of about the same era, (3) and the third was by Tertullian, a Church Father who lived around A.
Parish priest of Holy Cross church Father Peter Morgan said: "We were taken by surprise when the DCMS wrote to us last week.
Both words appear to allude to the church father Tertullian (Spanish: Tertuliano), but the origin of the allusion is uncertain.
Church Father Zwingli owns Number of times Zwingli cites Theophyiact - 0 works; 0 glosses Origen [square root of] 32 works; 313 glosses Eusebius of Caesarea [square root of] * 7 works; 12 glosses (Rufinus) Athanasius [square root of] 14 works; 1 gloss Basil of Caesarea [square root of] 1 work; 28 glosses John Chrysostom [square root of] 34 works; 8 glosses Cyril of Alexandria [square root of] 7 works; 4 glosses ps.
the African church father Tertullian bellowed in the third century.
Up to now, scholarship on Jerome's place in the Renaissance has focused on the Church Father as icon and exemplar, and rightly so.
Hippolytus, in his commentary on the Song of Songs, is the first church father to give Mary Magdalene the title of "apostle to the apostles.
Friedrich Schleiermacher, church father of the 19th century; the one who shifted the reformation paradigm to modernity.
Complementing this, another church father, Lactantius, stressed Cicero's Stoic-Platonic view of the rational design, divine purpose, and providential ord er of the world, again pointing out man's erect stature and the immortality of the soul.
In 1958, Columbia University professor Smith discovered a letter from the late-second-century church father Clement saying that Mark had written a second, longer gospel in Alexandria, which contained mystic material in addition to more ordinary stories like those in his first version.