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(early Christian church) one of seven gatherings of bishops from around the known world under the presidency of the Pope to regulate matters of faith and morals and discipline

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The contract also applies to various institutions linked to the city of Leuven, as church council, youth movements, schools, .
Mr Luff said the solution was to give parochial church councils the right to renounce their right to the liability permanently, something they cannot do at the moment.
It would then follow that liability to pay VAT on repairs is not that of the church councils or congregations, but that of the Wakefield Diocese.
Not all church councils have been able to achieve a satisfactory consensus, of course.
Read this book for the author's insight into the practical mechanics through which consensus emerged from church councils and the bottom-up view of their proceedings.
It came after the parochial church council for Aston Cantlow challenged an Appeal Court ruling in Mr and Mrs Wallbank's favour two years ago.
Lord Nicholls said the decision under challenge had wide financial implications for the Church of England, affecting numerous parochial church councils, and perhaps as many as onethird of all parish churches.
The synods' action leaves the decision to bless same-sex partnerships to the discretion of local church councils.
A careful reading of Scripture, patristic authors, and the decrees of ancient church councils would provide a proper understanding of what the church should be.
Contract notice: The financing of capital expenditure: loans from the city bilzen by church councils give out loans and guarantee loans of the police bilzen-hoeselt-riemst and the agb urban development bilz.
In Voting About God MacMullen studies the church councils between Nicaea (A.
There is an idea that parochial church councils are quite old but that certainly is not the case at my church,' she said.
The Primate's Fund is connected to people in Sudan through the Christian church councils, Ms.
I am always glad when church councils discuss important matters of faith and ethics and when they invite me to do so,' he said.