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Derozio and Emma Roberts; David Lester Richardson and Henry Meredith Parker; Kasiprasad Ghosh, Michael Madhusudan Dutt, and Mary Carshore; Govin Chunder Dutt, Hur Chunder Dutt, Greece Chunder Dut, Shoshee Chunder Dutt, Mary E.
The overall rate of wound complications following CS in Chunder et al.
The Saw movies have been a worldwide hit over the last decade - with graphic and gruesome murder scenes leaving people wanting to chunder in the flicks.
Chander Chunder and had the legendary Willis Conover (a 'RJ' with Voice of America) as the Master of Ceremonies and featured equally legendary artists such as Joe Williams, Don Ellis and Sonny Rollins, would cross over into the next millennia.
Sanborn and published just three years after Emerson's death, Protap Chunder Mozoomdar calls Emerson "a geographical mistake.
Talboys, "Introduction," in Bholanauth Chunder, Travels of a Hindoo to Various Parts of Bengal and Upper India, London: N.
More than 20 years later I mistakenly lifted a G and T at a party thinking it was my vodka and tonic and had to bolt to the loo to chunder again.
There was a lot of drink being taken, in the kind of tucked-away corners that a lot of people have accused Ascot of getting rid of, but I didn't see a single punch thrown, a lone chunder or even a solitary inebriated altercation.
In October 1887, Boyle Chunder Sen (2) presented the first clinical account of this condition, attributing it to some 'inherited dyscrasia'.
Far from being the manky Christmas cake throwback shunned by all who think Gregg's is the last word in good eating habits, Delia's invention was guaranteed to make you chunder.
The British star was struck by a bout of nausea during a concert in Australia and told the audience after briefly leaving the stage he had gone to chunder in the toilet.
Thomas cites Keshub Chunder Sen as one who modeled this possibility through his Church of the New Dispensation.
Keshub Chunder Sen (1838-1884), (28) Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975), (29) and Swami Akhilananda (1894-1962), (30) since these are not, strictly speaking, instances of multiple religious belonging.
Following insulting remarks by the Health Minister about nurses' main function being to empty chunder buckets, a bus nicknamed the Chunder Bucket Express was used to transport nurses to rallies at Parliament.
By now the names of key players from this period--orientalists like Sir William Jones and Horace Hayman Wilson, missionaries like William Carey and Alexander Duff, and indigenous reformers like Rammohan Roy and Keshub Chunder Sen--are widely known.