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Shiek Luckoo, Shiek Luckoo Imandee, Chundersekhar Bisto, Shiekh Abdoolah, Govind Chunder Mitter, Sitanath Chunder Mitter, Goroocharan Biswas and Dwarakanath Sain and Co.
His examination of the work of Shoshee Chunder Dutt (selections of whose work Tickell has published elsewhere) and other members of the Young Bengal movement, who anticipated Indian nationalism as early as the 1830 and 40s, is particularly fascinating.
s "Kadambini" relocates this subject to the schoolroom, reproducing the playful, broken exchanges between an American teacher and her Indian student, complete with the author's diacritical marks, use of the vernacular, and footnoted translations; the politics of cultural translation emerge in poetic responses to the 1857-58 rebellion from Govin Chunder Dutt ("To Lord Canning"), Mary Eliza Leslie (from Sorrows, Aspirations, and Legends), and Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall (Retrospection); finally, the close juxtaposition of poems from Tagore and Rudyard Kipling allows for a rich discussion of poetry's multiple social functions in the period of late colonialism.
Chunder and colleagues (2) report on their study to determine wound complication rates following the use of suture materials and staples for skin closure.
Minor characters explicitly denied the white man's privileged access to the "souls" of others are peppered throughout the novel, but this point is made most bluntly and repetitively through the attempts of Kim's Bengali mentor, Hurree Chunder Mookerjee, to master English science and literature.
On 1903, Indian scientist, Jagadis Chunder Bose, presentates his experiences about work with plant in this category.
Williams cites the example of Professor Jadadis Chunder Bose of Calcutta, who invented an "electric eye" able to detect certain kinds of radiation.
The Saw movies have been a worldwide hit over the last decade - with graphic and gruesome murder scenes leaving people wanting to chunder in the flicks.
Chander Chunder and had the legendary Willis Conover (a 'RJ' with Voice of America) as the Master of Ceremonies and featured equally legendary artists such as Joe Williams, Don Ellis and Sonny Rollins, would cross over into the next millennia.
Sanborn and published just three years after Emerson's death, Protap Chunder Mozoomdar calls Emerson "a geographical mistake.
Talboys, "Introduction," in Bholanauth Chunder, Travels of a Hindoo to Various Parts of Bengal and Upper India, London: N.
In July 1865, they established the Brahmika Samaj (Brahman Women's Society), a spiritually inclined group that met weekly and listened to lectures by prominent Bengali (male) activists such as Keshub Chunder Sen.
More than 20 years later I mistakenly lifted a G and T at a party thinking it was my vodka and tonic and had to bolt to the loo to chunder again.