Chukchi Sea

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part of the Arctic Ocean just to the north of the Bering Strait

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The company has spent $6 billion, and if its drilling plans are frustrated again, seven years after the 2008 Chukchi Sea OCS lease sale, one can hardly blame the company for washing its hands of the business.
For the eastern Beaufort Sea and eastern Chukchi Sea animals, the limiting compound was found to be chlordane at a recommended daily consumption rate less than half of that for the Cook Inlet animals.
The conclusion denotes Statoil will be out from 16 Statoil-run leases, and its share in 50 leases run by ConocoPhillips, all in the Chukchi Sea.
In its press release, Shell cited scrutiny as one of its reasons for its withdrawal from the Chukchi Sea.
At an agency monitoring meeting for the Chukchi Sea in November 2006, several federal scientists acknowledged a troubling lack of data about existing wildlife populations necessary for adequate monitoring.
Statoil's decision to acquire interest in these leases substantiates ConocoPhillips' view that world-class hydrocarbon potential exists in the Chukchi Sea of Alaska," said Larry Archibald, ConocoPhillips senior vice president for Exploration and Business Development.
Last year, Royal Dutch Shell halted its operations in Alaskan waters, after overall revenue for the company fell by 74 percent, and in September Shell announced that they would stop further exploration in the Chukchi Sea.
Olgoonik Oilfield Services, a subsidiary of Wainwright's village corporation, Olgoonik, is working with Shell on that company's Chukchi Sea exploration and has also previously done work with ConocoPhillips and StatOil, two other companies that hold offshore leases in the Chukchi Sea.
Voyage time between Portland and southern Alaska should not delay the company's plans to begin drilling off northern Alaska in the Chukchi Sea later this month, Shell spokesman Curtis Smith said.
During the July 2011 Chukchi Sea leg of ICESCAPE, the researchers observed blooms beneath the ice that extended from the sea-ice edge to 72 miles into the ice pack.
In the ICESCAPE (Impacts of Climate on EcoSystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment) project, researchers explored and sampled the area below the ice on the Chukchi Sea continental shelf north of Siberia.
170[degrees]E) in the western Chukchi Sea (Shaughnessy and Fay, 1977), northeast to Herschel Island (lat.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- An aerial survey by government scientists in Alaska's Chukchi Sea this week found at least nine polar bears swimming in open water - with one at least 60 miles from shore - raising concern among wildlife experts about their survival.