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a member of an indigenous people living on the Chukchi Peninsula

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an indigenous and isolated language of unknown origin spoken by the Chukchi that is pronounced differently by men and women

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The exploratory well was the first in the Chukchi in 24 years.
Shell holds a 100% working interest in 275 Outer Continental Shelf blocks in the Chukchi Sea.
A team of scientists led by Mathis and UA's Jessica Cross collected observations on water temperature, salinity, and dissolved carbon during expeditions to the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort seas.
His trips are in connection with a pilot project to provide solar panels for the Chukchi community, to provide power for their wooden fishing stations and tents.
The George W Bush administration proposed opening just about all of the Beaufort and Chukchi to exploration.
But it's a devastating blow - and a disaster in waiting - for environmentalists, fisheries and Alaskan natives who understand that the Chukchi Sea is one of the most dangerous places in the world to drill for oil.
Federal estimates show that the Chukchi and Beaufort seas could hold 26 billion barrels of recoverable oil, and many Alaska leaders are eager to begin drilling in the area to create jobs and fund state government projects and services.
The world in pictures with Daily Post Head of Images Hadyn Iball | Pacific walruses are pictured in a gap in the ice in the Chukchi |Sea off the coast of Alaska.
Severo-Chukotsky and Longo-Chukotsky basins in the Chukchi Sea were also very promising but came next to Koryakia-1 in importance.
Some areas, such as the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, are freezing up between six and 11 days later per decade.
This joint venture has acquired the jack-up rig "Endeavour" which is capable of drilling in all areas of the Cook Inlet, the Beaufort Sea and the Chukchi Sea.
Huge numbers of walruses were first spotted on the coast of the Chukchi sea in 2007.
The Chukchi, or as they call themselves, the Luoravetlan, live in far northeastern Siberia near the Bering Strait.
Page-filling color photo portraits of polar bears, a Chukchi Eskimo dancer in traditional dress, Northern lights, Mt.
The agreements include plans to explore seven new blocks in the Chukchi Sea, Laptev Sea and Kara Sea that are considered among the most promising and least explored offshore areas globally.