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Synonyms for Chukchi

a member of an indigenous people living on the Chukchi Peninsula

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an indigenous and isolated language of unknown origin spoken by the Chukchi that is pronounced differently by men and women

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20] As they have pointed out, eme-sal and the Chukchee women's language share some important features, since both are based chiefly on consonant substitution.
Krecher, "Morphemeless Syntax in Sumerian as Seen on the Background of Word-composition in Chukchee," ASJ 9 (1987): 67-88.
Slezkine described the little known long American presence among the Chukchee.
Chukchee, where the phonological word can be shown by vowel harmony to be coextensive with the grammatical word (Dunn 2001), or in Bininj Gun-wok, a classic polysynthetic language, with a clear correlation between the unit word defined by both grammatical and phonological criteria (Bishop 2003; Evans 2003a).