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genus of widely distributed semiaquatic herbs with minute greenish-yellow apetalous flowers

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Tiarella and some Chrysosplenium species have a monosymmetric gynoecium giving rise to fruits with rain dispersal (see above).
Table 2 Changing expression of floral monosymmetry during development Early development Anthesis Monosymmetry strongest in early development Arabidopsis + - Monosymmetry strongest at anthesis (in species-rich families) Fabaceae + ++ Veronicaceae + ++ Asteraceae/(Cichorioideae) -/(+) ++ Orchidaceae + ++ Monosymmetry strongest in fruit Tiarella + + Chrysosplenium sp.
Micranthes, and in the genus Chrysosplenium (Ferguson & Webb, 1970;
In some analyses Chrysosplenium is an early branch within the
The position of Chrysosplenium and a proposed sister relationship
No evidence was noted in this study of a compound-leafed ancestry for Saxifraga, Chrysosplenium, or Gunnera.
Paleobotanical considerations of eudicot origins need to incorporate a search image of small, low-rank herbaceous leaves like those of the subgenus Ostenigunnera and the genera Chrysosplenium and Saxifraga.