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Chrysomelidae [leaf beetles], Dytiscidae [predaceous diving beetles], and Hemerobiidae [brown lacewings]) consumed by E.
Family Number Location of Collected Specimens Alleculidae 4 Kiuic Bostrichidae 1 Tabi Carabidae 10 Kiuic & Tabi Cerambycidae 12 Kiuic & Tabi Chrysomelidae 26 Kiuic & Tabi Cicindelidae 11 Kiuic & Tabi Corylophidae 2 Kiuic & Tabi Cucujidae 3 Tabi Curculionidae 6 Kiuic & Tabi Dytiscidae 2 Kiuic & Tabi Elateridae 6 Kiuic & Tabi Endomychidae 2 Kiuic Histeridae 1 Kiuic Hydrophilidae 5 Kiuic & Tabi Lampyridae 8 Kiuic & Tabi Lycidae 3 Kiuic Nitidulidae 2 Kiuic Passalidae 9 Kiuic & Tabi Phalacridae 2 Kiuic Phengodidae 5 Kiuic & Tabi Scarabaeidae 40 Kiuic & Tabi Tenebrionidae 17 Kiuic & Tabi Trogossitidae 5 Kiuic & Tabi
Potato beetle Animalia Arthropoda Insecta Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Leptinotarsa decemlineata
1993, Cradock (with prey: Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae & Scarabaeidae); 1 [female] Botha's Hill, 29[degrees]45'S 30[degrees]45'E, 2.
elatior pertence à ordem Coleoptera, família Chrysomelidae (Cassidinae) e o primeiro relato deste inseto associado com plantas foi realizado por Silva et al.
Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Demotina modesta Coloptera Chrysomelidae Lupraea pieta Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Undet.
In this collection of dozens of articles by international experts, contributors help readers understand how much we know about the wide range of beings known as chrysomelidae and what we still need to learn.
These insects mostly comprised incidental beetles of the Cantharidae and Chrysomelidae and moths of the Noctuidae, which may have been attracted by the PAA (Meagher 2001, 2002).
The families Phaleothripidae, Chrysomelidae, and Pteromalidae were found in great abundances with numbers >100 individuals/branch in some trees.
7 Curculionidae 10 2 Dryopidae 2 Histeridae 1 Nitidulidae 1 Scaphidiidae 1 Anobiidae 1 Bostrichidae Chrysomelidae 13 Lyctidae 1 Homoptera 1.
Discovery and designation of type specimens of Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) from Argentina described by E.
1 INSECTA 15 Coleoptera 8 Apionidae (Perapion curtirostre) 1 Coccinellidae (Adalia bipunctata) 1 (Aphidecta obliteratata) 1 (Coccidula rufa) 2 Carabidae (Pterostichus diligens) 2 Chrysomelidae (Prasocuris marginella) 1 Diptera 1 Nematocera 1 Heteroptera 3 Hymenoptera 2 Chalcidoidea 2 Lepidoptera (caterpillars) 1 ARTHROPODS (total) 620
Glucosinolates and herbivory by specialists (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae, Lepidoptera: Plutellidae): Consequences of Concentration and Induced Resistance.
Number of sites where Taxa of insects Order and family Life stage collected Chaetocnema Coleoptera, Adult 1 Chrysomelidae Lysathia Coleoptera, Adult, larval 4 ludoviciana Chrysomelidae Altica litigata Coleoptera, Adult 2 Chrysomelidae Auleutes 1 Coleoptera, Adult 1 Curculionidae Auleutes 2 Coleoptera, Adult 1 Curculionidae Perigaster Coleoptera, Adult, larval, 3 cretura Curculionidae pupae Tyloderma Coleoptera, Adult 1 sphaerocarpae Curculionidae Eumorpha (b) Lepidoptera, Larval 1 Sphingidae Spilosoma (b) Lepidoptera, Larval 1 Arctiidae Coordinates of Taxa of insects Collection site collection sites Chaetocnema Lewisville Aquatic 33[degrees]04'45" N, Ecosystem Research 96[degrees]57'30" W Facility, Lewisville, Texas Lysathia United States Fish 29[degrees]50'22.