maned wolf

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reddish-grey wolf of southwestern North America

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Chrysocyon brachyurus es un canido endemico de Sudamerica.
Chrysocyon brachyurus, commonly known as maned wolf, aguard guazu, lobo de crin, or borochi is one of the 10 species of wild canids that inhabit South America (Ginsberg and Macdonald 1992).
In Brazil, there are six species: Speothos venaticus, Chrysocyon brachyurus, Cerdocyon thous, Atelocynus microtis, Lycalopex vetulus and Pseudalopex gymnocercus.
The maned-wolf, Chrysocyon brachyurus, is an endangered resident species of Emas National Park, located in the southwest corner of Goias, Brazil.
Carnivore Species Scientific Name CITES Listing Canidae bush dog Speothos venaticus Appendix I maned wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus Appendix II pampas fox Pseudalopex gymnocercus Appendix II Mustelidae long-tailed otter Lontra longicaudus Appendix I giant otter Pteronura brasiliensis Appendix I Felidae jaguar Panthera onca Appendix I puma Puma concolor Appendix II ocelot Leopardus pardalis Appendix I margay Leopardus wiedii Appendix I oncilla Leopardus tigrina Appendix I jaguarundi Herpailurus vagouaroundi Appendix II Geoffroy's cat Oncifelis geoffroyi Appendix I pampas cat Oncifelis colocolo Appendix II Table 2.
lycocarpum, listed from most to least frequent: Chrysocyon hrachyurus, Dusicyon thous, Tolypeutes tricinclus, Dustcyon vetulus, and Leopardus pardalis.