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an accurate timer for recording time

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The sensible date is interesting, since Eutychius is a not always a good chronographer, cf.
The identity of this chronographer is probably irretrievable.
Of the group, only Miller actually defends the use of Biblical testimony, with the appropriate critical acumen, in a succinct and brilliant argument that focuses on how thoroughly dependent the archaeologist, historical geographer, and chronographer are on Biblical materials.
The `traditional' reconstruction relies very heavily on the data from the Chronographer of 354; indeed it does little more than smooth out the inconsistencies of this compilation, and calculate from the data given those accession dates which are not actually stated.
51) By placing the birth of Christ only 5199 years after Creation, Eusebius is the only eastern chronographer of his time to reject the six thousand year eschatology popularized by Africanus that placed the birth of Christ in anno mundi 5500; see Cyril Mango, Byzantium.