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Synonyms for rejection

Synonyms for rejection

a negative response


a refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge

a turning down of a request

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Chronic rejection is long-term loss of graft function due to damage from persistent immunologic response to graft.
A number of contributing factors have been linked to PTE including acute and chronic rejections, transplant renal artery stenosis, smoking, diabetes, type and dose of immunosuppression, use of diuretics, anti hypertensive medication, extent of allograft function and duration on dialysis.
C4D complement split product expression in chronic rejection of renal allograft.
Early analysis indicates that this was secondary to severe chronic rejection restricted to the arteries of the allograft.
Endomyocardial biopsy and echocardiography were used to identify acute rejection, and we performed coronary angiography and, echocardiography when a recipient was hospitalized because of heart failure and chronic rejection.
Three weeks before he died, the hospital rang to say John had chronic rejection of his new lungs and could slip away at any time.
This leader's technical brilliance was equaled by his interest and accomplishment in setting the standards for modern day immunosuppression, allowing transplanted organs from unrelated donors to be accepted long-term without the ill consequences of immediate or chronic rejection.
NEW YORK -- Surgeons at Columbia University in New York are performing laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication in many lung transplant recipients who show evidence of significant gastroesophageal reflux and chronic rejection, Dr.
Carl received a second transplant in November 2003, but this also triggered chronic rejection and he lost that organ.
After loss of organ function due to chronic rejection, she underwent combined kidney-pancreas transplantation 5 years later, in 1990.
Chronic rejection leads to late graft loss, occurs insidiously over months to years, and results in progressive loss of renal function.
Children having undergone a thoracic organ transplant are monitored closely for signs of acute cellular rejection as well as evidence of chronic rejection.
Next, there is the chronic rejection that with human-to-human transplants requires life-long suppression of the immune system, but which might require stronger measures for xenotransplants.
He also describes her as a devoted mother driven to revolt only through chronic rejection.
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