chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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chronic leukemia characterized by lymphoblast-like cells

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Porter, MD, and hematologists at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, created a stir when they reported on the use of "chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells'' in the treatment of chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL).
Her medical history revealed the diagnosis for chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL) from about five years, periodically controlled at our local Onco-Hematologic Department.
Craig Adams Deacon Carpenter Nelum Gunewardane Brianna Haag (Her father has chronic lymphoid leukemia.
To date, talabostat has been studied in more than 500 people, including two ongoing Phase 3 studies for non-small cell lung cancer and Phase 2 studies for chronic lymphoid leukemia, metastatic melanoma, and pancreatic cancer.
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