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Synonyms for alcoholism

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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Nigel Soppitt, defending, said: "He is a man who was a chronic alcoholic.
1] The prevalence rate of WE as estimated from postmortem studies is 1% to 2% of the general population and in chronic alcoholics, it is around 10%.
In a study of chronic alcoholic men, lean muscle mass was significantly lower in those with cirrhosis than in those without cirrhosis (Estruch et al.
Before surgical maneuvers, it is often indicated to determine the type of bleeding, because in chronic alcoholic patient there is an increased risk of intra- and postoperative bleeding.
Shukla said it's important to note there will be more liver injury in a chronic alcoholic if that person binge drinks, but a binge drinker may sensitize the liver over a longer period and make it prone to more damage.
A chronic alcoholic, he has been unable to hold down a job or sustain a relationship.
Scottish-born Bailey, a chronic alcoholic with mild dementia, had battered his girlfriend, Tina Crawford, 45, to death in her home in Barry Road, East Dulwich, south London, in March, last year.
Taken together, this extensive body of literature resulted in the careful description of the pattern of sparing and impairment characteristic of the typical recovering chronic alcoholic, thus providing an essential understanding of the functional deficits suffered in the context of those spared and useful in recovery.
Pitt-Pladdy, a self-confessed chronic alcoholic and heroin addict, had been drinking extra-strong lager and taking drugs all day before he murdered Ms Butler.
But by the end of the third act Sidney is the successful businessman being begged for work by the down-and-out Geoffrey and Marion has become a chronic alcoholic.
Without a deficiency in folate, a chronic alcoholic will demonstrate macrocytosis and possibly anaemia, but this anaemia will not be sideroblastic.
Yes--acetaminophen is a safe and effective analgesic that can be appropriately used for adult patients with stable chronic alcoholic liver disease for at least a short period of time (studies have been limited to a maximum of 48-72 hours), up to the maximum recommended dosage of 4 g daily (strength of recommendation: A, based on 2 RCTs and other studies).
George Best is a chronic alcoholic, wife beater, cheat, liar and persistent womaniser.
Pattern of malformation in offspring of chronic alcoholic mothers.
The report also indicates that his mother, who was a chronic alcoholic, was "abusive and incapable of caring for any of her children for any extended period of time.
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