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a process used for separating mixtures by virtue of differences in absorbency

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A combinatorial approach that brings together several preventive steps in the journey from bark to finished closure, combined with a curative method such as steam cleaning, and then finished off with advanced quality control measures such as gas chromotography analysis, will mean that far fewer tainted corks/closures will leave factories.
The business, which has two staff, is developing an advanced version of its chromotography column to be used in disposable medical products.
A "Polarity Index" parameter (useful in liquid-liquid chromotography) was found to describe the influence of dispersive and polar forces in elastomers more accurately than does solubility parameter.
Tests for chemical analysis of raw materials and rubber are broken down into spectrophotometry, spectrometry and spectroscopy; chromotography; thermal analysis; and microscopy.
The Determination of Inorganic Anions in Water by Ion Chromotography. EPA-600/R-93-100, revised August 1993.
In contrast, hemocytes remaining in the gills after chromotography consistently had less than 5% positive cells binding the latex beads.
``It was quite complex chemistry and one of the techniques I learned there was something called size exclusion chromotography (SEC) -fairly simple but it gave me a lot of enjoyment.
To test polysaccharide amounts, Aloecorp also uses a proton NMR, HPLC and size exclusion chromotography.
The collected nicotine is analyzed by gas chromotography with nitrogen selective detection.
Samples also were frozen and sent to the Illinois State Crime Lab and put through gas chromotography testing, which is more sensitive than urinalysis.
The ADS1250 offers the high performance and small size required for high resolution measurement applications such as industrial process control, medical analysis, smart transmitters, weigh scales, chromotography, and portable instrumentation.
Means([dagger]) were computed from peak heights([double dagger]) determined by high performance liquid chromotography for neoxanthin (Neo), violaxanthin (Viola), Iutein (Lut), chlorophyll a (Chl a), chlorophyll b(Chl b), and chlorophyll a divided by chlorophyll b (Chi a/b).
neritina samples, 50-90 grams wet weight from each sample site, were sent frozen to SAIC-Frederick, where they were lyophilized, extracted, and analyzed for bryostatin using high-pressure liquid chromotography (HPLC) (Schaufelberger et al., 1990).
Soil moistures were determined by oven drying at 110[degrees]C and bromide concentrations were analysed using ion chromotography.