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the chemical group that gives color to a molecule

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This exciton jumps from one chromophore to another until it reaches a reaction center, where that energy is harnessed to build the molecules that support life.
We focus here on how the PDAP chromophores modify the microstructure of PVA and show that the dispersion of pyrazoline into polymer enhances the optical susceptibility.
6)], which provided important insights into the structure-function relationship between the chromophore and peak wavelengths of these proteins.
The variation between the reduction ratio of the total area of HPLC peaks and online UV absorbance at 280 nm can be explained by a different number of detectable chromophores in the serum and in the spent dialysate and by different sampling times for the serum and the dialysate (the serum was collected before and the dialysate sample 10 min after the start of the dialysis).
Phytochromes predominantly absorb red and far-red light, using a bilin (or linear tetrapyrrole) chromophore for light detection in seed plants and in cryptogams (Quail, 2002), and phototropins are UV-A/blue light receptors (Briggs and Christie, 2002; Folta and Spalding, 2001).
In the case of microalgae, the absorbing chromophores are packed inside the cell.
Based on these results, it is apparent that the used triazine HPT-4 chromophores significantly outperform the conventional BTZ in terms of photopermanence.
Other false chromophores produced by binding to alkaline picrate cause small non-significant variations in the measured creatinine value, including bilirubin, acetoacetate, pyruvate and cephalosporins.
This makes it possible for the acceptor-reactive-dye molecules to react preferentially with the newly exposed hydrophobic regions containing the bilin chromophores (see Figure 1).
Paul Matts, from P&G Beauty (a division of Procter & Gamble that funded the study) to look at the distribution of three chromophores -- melanin, hemoglobin, and collagen -- in the skin of study subjects and correlate this distribution with perceived attractiveness.
A large background signal originates from the emission of many chromophores in the far-field illuminated volume.
San Diego, CA) announced that it was issued United States Patent 6,911,310, "Hybridization of polynucleotides conjugated with chromophores and fluorophores to generate donor-to-donor energy transfer system" by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Parsol SLX, new from DSM Nutritional Products, is the only UVB filter available to the industry that has the novel structure of benzyl malonate chromophores attached to specific points on a polysiloxane chain.
The unique stability of these entrapped chromophores means that the resulting pigment does not migrate.