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single- or multi-color lithography

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Alexander Hager is the co-founder of Visual Ambrosia, an ambient video production company that creates ambient videos that are displayed in lobbies, waiting rooms and on their Roku app "Visual Ambrosia." These videos are created by scanning 19th Century chromolithograph prints and are meant to increase memorability of advertisements, reduce perceived wait time, increase customer dwell time, create pause points, and dynamically decorate.
Remarkably, many of these porcelains were directly adapted from the chromolithographs of paintings by the renowned artists Ravi Varma, M.V.
The discussion progresses to chromolithographs that were also hand-painted or designed to imitate other media and techniques; papers textured to imitate canvas for more convincing reproductions of paintings; crystograph transparencies (Victorian window decals for 'stained glass'); and even tableware decorated with chromolithographed transfers.
As Congress debated what would become the Chinese Exclusion Act a month later, the Wasp published a two-page chromolithograph entitled The Burning Question, one of a series of cartoons supporting the case for immigration restriction.
The lamed T205 gold-leaf border sets uniquely are represented in the Library: These cards, issued in 1911, are chromolithographs based on Paul Thompson's close-up black-and-white photographs of the players.
In 1878 the Calcutta Art Studio was established by former students from the Government School of Art and produced chromolithographs of Hindu mythological scenes (see Pinney, Photos of the Gods; Mitter, "Mechanical Reproduction").
Etienne Leopold Trouvelot (1827-1895) was a prolific observer, (1,2) best known today for his superb chromolithographs. (3) Trouvelot left his native France to settle in the USA and was invited to use the 15-inch (38cm OG) refractor at Harvard.
Commentators wrote enthusiastically of Eastern allure and mystery, and sought to convey the "staggering magnificence" (113) of Indian wares through engravings and chromolithographs. Many journals marveled at the simple, unmechanized methods that produced such splendid results, and glorified the Indian laborer as embodying "the artisanal, natural, and preindustrial" (116).
From 1834-1846 Reichenbach published in cooperation with "gardenfriends" in Brussels the 5 volumes of Flora exotica with 360 chromolithographs (not seen by me).
Rotskoff suggests that Harriet Beecher Stowe may be partly responsible for the immense popularity of chromolithographs between 1840 and 1900.
Fictional and nonfictional accounts of the Falls multiplied as did paintings and panoramas, the most famous being the 1857 seven-foot long painting Niagara by Frederick Church that was exhibited in both the United States and England and was reproduced in thousands of chromolithographs. Yet even as Fuller opens and closes her first chapter of Summer on the Lakes with her exhaustion in the face of a natural wonder that has been turned into a cliche, she embeds within her narrative a description of moments when the Falls have transcended the feelings that images and descriptions have taught her to expect.
He subsequently began framing and selling pictures and chromolithographs printed in Germany from a wheelbarrow in the streets of London.
These glossy prints, chromolithographs and oleographs, with their preferred brand of realism displaced the earlier popular prints and completely transformed the market.
"The production of cheap chromolithographs to hang on living room walls caused intellectuals to worry about the decline of American art.