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a hard brittle multivalent metallic element

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Physiological processes of plants such as photosynthesis water relations total chlorophyll content rate of transpiration and mineral nutrition are also found to be affected by chromium compounds (Shanker et al.
The group is in a leading position in business lines covering all basic fields of glass such as float glass, glass household articles, glass packaging and glass fiber as well as soda and chromium compounds.
Chromium compounds in these fumes are believed to be carcinogenic.
Industrial uses of hexavalent chromium compounds include chromate pigments in dyes, paints, inks, and plastics; chromates added as anticorrosive agents to paints, primers, and other surface coatings; and chromic acid electroplated onto metal parts to provide a decorative or protective coating.
The harmful chromium compounds found in the groundwater at sites receiving waste from former textiles factories, smelters, and tanneries have been linked to cancer, and excessive exposure can lead to problems with the kidneys, liver, lungs and skin.
Their target is harmful chromium compounds found in groundwater at sites with waste from former UK textile factories, smelters, and tanneries.
Hexavalent chromium compounds are used as corrosion inhibitors and present an occupational hazard to workers that weld, cut, torch cut, or grind chromium-containing metals such as stainless steel.
workers and several million more worldwide are exposed to Cr(VI) in the workplace, where chromium compounds (or chromates) serve as anticorrosion agents in protective coatings, as pigments in paints and plastics, and in chrome plating on tools, aircraft engine components, railroad wheel bearings, and automobile parts.
The company holds 26 United States patents for chromium compounds and their uses.
For years, hexavalent chromium compounds have been regulated in many different ways.
TABLE 2 Hexavalent Chromium Compounds OSHA identifies Cr(VI) compounds as in wide use in pigments, chemical synthesis, and metal plating.
Hexavalent chromium compounds are widely used in the industry as ingredients and catalysts in pigments, metal plating and chemical synthesis.
Hexavalent chromium compounds are widely used in the chemical industry as ingredients and catalysts in pigments, metal plating and chemical synthesis.
Our study established the content of chromium in whole oyster meats, some of which may have been in the digestive tract, associated with food particles, including those that would have complexed with soluble chromium compounds.
However, the use and disposal of chromium compounds give rise to a complex environmental and public health protection problem.