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a hard brittle multivalent metallic element

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Chromium is among one of the most toxic metals detectable in earth crust dueto extensive use of chromium compounds at industrial level.
Tannery waste has been reported to contain oils and greases, chlorides, and chromium compounds [9].
Moreover, chromium compounds are very corrosive and can severely burn the skin.
chromium compounds depends principally on valency as well as physical and chemical properties of the specific compounds.
Wastewater from industries such as chrome leather tanning, metallurgy, chrome plating, textiles, ceramics, photography, and photoengraving contains moderate to excessive amounts of hexavalent chromium compounds beyond the conventional statutory limit of 0.1mg/L.
Joining the laser revolution of the 1960s, Mr Jack produced the first British ruby suitable for use in the new instruments, employing a gaseous reaction between aluminium and chromium compounds to yield rubies over 15cm in length.
After three years of continuous exposure, the ferrate compounds are performing as well as hexavalent chromium compounds, and far better than other hexavalent chromium replacements.
Chromium compounds can be deposited onto soil and water from airborne particles and there can easily change from one to another oxidation form [3].
During that period, the company annually processed more than 25,000 pounds of the manganese and chromium compounds for use in its castings.
"Conventional green pigments being used in ceramic industry are based on chromium compounds, chromium oxide in particular, and have hazardous impacts on environment.