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(computer science) the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a colored dot)

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Like Google's previous Chromebook Pixel, the new Pixelbook seems to be an expensive premium laptop.
The cheaper Google Home Mini, Chromebook Pixel 3 and Daydream View 2 VR headset were all revealed in a massive leak yesterday and all of which are expected to be revealed by Google on Oct.
1 on its new MacBook, and so is Google with the new Chromebook Pixel.
The proliferation of third-party apps created a monetisable ecosystem, and when Google launched its touch-screen laptop, the Chromebook Pixel, analysts speculated that the Chrome and Android products were being aligned.
Those first machines were low-cost, lightweight laptops, but since thendesktop modelshave become available, as well as a high-end, touchscreen laptop from Google called the Chromebook Pixel .
The Mountain View, California company has been working on other projects, including its own high-end Chromebook Pixel laptop computer and Google Glass, the wearable device expected later this year.
Unlike earlier Chromebook Pixel units, the new Pixelbook reportedly folds into a tablet and comes with the official Pixelbook Pen which will be sold separately for $99 (Rs 6,370).
The Bisto headphones might be announced later this year alongside the new Pixel 2 smartphones, a new Chromebook Pixel and a mini version of the Home smart speaker.
Anyone who thinks the Chromebook Pixel is a ludicrous idea hasn't actually tried one -- or at least that's our theory after using the high-end Chrome OS laptop over the past few days.
Google also seems to have two new versions of its existing devices in the fray - the Chromebook Pixel and the Google Home Mini.
Google is planning to introduce a new Chromebook Pixel laptop alongside the 2017 Pixel smartphones this fall.
Ee It's not as compelling as the beefy Chromebook Pixel, but it's less than a third of the asking price.
Google on Thursday unveiled the $1,299 touchscreen Chromebook Pixel, a pricey slab of hardware that runsGoogle's Web-centric Chrome OS, butdefies conventional Chromebook wisdom.
This was first featured on Google's original Chromebook Pixel, which lets user double tap on the device when it's closed to show its current battery status.
Support for Google Play will first roll out to the Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R 11, and the Chromebook Pixel in mid-June.