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Google said in its post that in light of its decision to support the Better Ads Standards next year, it is now going to use the Ad Experience Report to control the ads that will be shown in sites accessed via the Chrome browser.
One just needs to download the Nitrogem Chrome browser Extension and it would do all the work automatically.
Connect for Chrome browser lets users search through all contacts at once and initiate a call with one click.
GOOGLE HAS introduced a new extension for its Chrome browser which is aimed at helping people with vision impairment interact with the internet more easily.
In addition to preventative warnings prior to downloading the Chrome browser will now throw a red flag (pictured after the break) before visiting a site that may encourage you to install any malicious software.
The new messaging service currently only works with Google's Chrome browser and will not be available to iPhone users "due to Apple platform limitations," according to Whatsapp.
A bug in Google's Chrome browser has been draining laptop
The LG Chromebase has the same operating system as the Chromebook--a lightweight combination of the Google Chrome browser, Linux, and a media player--in what is essentially a Web PC for home use.
Unlike conventional laptops, Chromebooks use a version of Google's Chrome browser as the operating system.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry News) Tue, Mar 4, 2014 - Users of Google's Chrome browser for Android and iOS can now consume up to twice as much data per month for the same price thanks to a compression feature under Chrome's latest upgrade for smartphones and tablets, which includes several new features and fixes.
The company's innovation holds much promise, too -- just think of its Gmail, Google Maps and Chrome browser.
Enabled by Acme Packet SBCs, an HTML5-based WebRTC dialer on a laptop was used inside of Google's Chrome browser to initiate a call to a 3G mobile subscriber using a major North American mobile service providers' multi-vendor IMS infrastructure.
Google has upgraded its Chrome browser for Android devices, boosting its security framework and patching several security bugs.
Google TV is now focusing on content, and the Google Chrome browser will be available alongside apps and Youtube.
Gildas Pelliet, Sony's European head of marketing, said: "Entertainment content is available through so many channels and sites, and Google TV helps consumers easily find what they want to watch, listen or play with the freedom of the internet and using the familiar Chrome browser.