paper chromatography

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chromatography that uses selective adsorption on a strip of paper

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Quantification of [Hb] was accomplished by scanning the sheets of chromatography paper containing arrays of [micro]PADs on a portable flatbed scanner (CanoScan LiDE110, Canon USA) and then analyzing the images automatically with a custom-coded algorithm (MATLAB, The Math Works).
A hydrophobic material, such as wax or photoresist, is laid down into tiny canyons on chromatography paper.
This note describes non-steady water flow experiments, conducted at 3 different constant temperatures during (a) absorption by initially relatively dry loam, (b) absorption of water by chromatography paper, and (c) desorption of saturated swelling clay.
They did this by applying six samples of ink to a strip of chromatography paper which was dipped in distilled water.
1,2,3) It consists of a series of printed colors on a card with special chromatography paper onto which a blood sample is placed.