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any salt or ester of chromic acid

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(4-6) Chromating treatments have several objectives: (1) to act as a passivating layer to prevent rapid zinc dissolution and the appearance of "white rust" on the surfaces, thus providing temporary protection during storage; and (2) to improve the adhesion between the organic coating and the metal surface so that it avoids undercoat corrosion when it is applied before the organic coating.
To our knowledge, there is little information concerning the influence of the process on the properties of the chromating layer.
Chromate was either mixed directly into the paint as an anti-corrosive pigment or was applied to panels by yellow chromating in a pre-treatment process before paint application.
The performance is usually comparable to and sometimes superior to traditional chromating or phosphating technology.
Retaining its original ability to undertake processes such as bright dipping, cleaning/washing, pickling, chromating, chemical blacking, and phosphating - in fact any process requiring agitation and transfer - the new Rota-Flow system uses a unique reciprocating barrel action which creates a highly efficient agitation to provide high uniformity of finish for a variety of work loads.
WALTERISATION has added to its list of conventional acid and alkaline etch cleaners and chromating processes for aluminium a new range of technically advanced products.