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the readily stainable substance of a cell nucleus consisting of DNA and RNA and various proteins

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Le premier est la modification de la chromatine (Kouzarides, 2007).
Epigenetic changes are based on biochemical modifications that can activate, reduce, or disable the activity of some genes by: a) the addition of a methyl group to a cytosine residue, followed by a guanine sequence in a CpG dinucleotide (methylation is often associated with reduced gene activity); b) changes in the chromatine structure through chemical modifications, especially acetylation or methylation of histone proteins, which recruit other proteins such as transcription factors and repressors that together determine the activity state of specific genes or sets of genes; and c) changes in the genetic messages transcribed.
After the apparition of the manchette a round nucleus with the chromatine forming dense filaments and the perinuclear cistern collapsed is observe (fig.
An incisional biopsy of the tumor showed that the tissue was made up of large immature mononuclear cells, which featured high nuclear-cytoplasmic ratios and immature nuclear chromatine patterns (figure 3).
The basophilic nucleus occupies great part of its own volume in relation to the cytoplasma showing chromatine relatively condensed in a rough and grumous way.