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Extension of the exposure to 72 hr led to chromatin condensation in the toxic exposure but normalization of the chromatin architecture at the tolerated exposure in HEK293T cells.
Cell apoptosis is important for destruction of undesired cells during development and homeostasis of any organ and is characterized by distinct morphological changes such as depolarization of mitochondria, chromatin condensation and DNA fragmentation.
ICSI outcome is not associated with the incidence of spermatozoa with abnormal chromatin condensation.
Chromatin condensation is not associated with apoptosis.
Further, most important findings of our study were that after I/R injury hepatocytes chromatin condensation were increased as compared to sham operated control rats.
Therefore this assay describes a relationship between semen quality and DNA damage because it incorporates a measure of chromatin condensation that in turn reflects the quality of processes controlling the differentiation and maturation of the spermatozoa.
These changes were usually accompanied by nuclear distortion and abnormal chromatin condensation.
Most of these motifs are shared among many loci, suggesting that genomes are assembled like Lego blocks from a repertoire of more basic sequence elements, many of which do not encode proteins but other important functions such as transcription, translation, RNA processing, DNA replication, and chromatin condensation.
The distinctive differences among various PrSc are the chromatin condensation pattern and the amount of euchromatin and heterochromatin.
In this manner, erythroid differentiation and enucleation may involve chromatin condensation, DNA breakage (detected by the TUNEL assay), and degradation of nuclear components, as well as the apoptotic signals triggering these changes, such as caspase activation and mitochondrial potential reduction.
The protein identified by the French scientists, BAHD1, is such a factor, which behaves as a chromatin condensation machine at specific gene sites.
The sperm chromatin condensation was shown with CMA3 assay; indicating protamine defects during his-tone-protamine replacement of sperm chromatin condensation in the testicular phase (21).
In fact, HCT116 cells developed morphological changes characteristic of apoptosis, including chromatin condensation, nuclear fragmentation and formation of apoptotic bodies.
Chromatin condensation and sensitivity of DNA in situ to denaturation during cell cycle and apoptosis--a confocal microscopy study.