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a 12-note scale including all the semitones of the octave

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The chromatic music of the night leads from one composition's seductive harmonics to another composition's harmonic and textual evocations of Eros and the darkness of death.
In Harrison's judgement, 'harmonic function as a theoretical idea is ideally suited to the task of analyzing the complex and unusual harmonic structures of modernist, chromatic music', and he believes that 'voice leading in chromatic music is not the colleague of harmony that it is in earlier music but rather its servant since it does not control the choice, progression and resolution of chords.
is insensitive to all the cultural cues of dolorous chromatic music which were already well established in the first quarter of the 17th century (and survived virtually intact in such genres as the instrumental siciliano).
During his time at the RAM he was with students who 'were under a real obligation to write more chromatic music, because they thought that was 'modern', kind of forgetting that there was a lot of music around, minimalism and stuff, that was actually tonal.