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  • noun

Synonyms for dispersion

the passing out or spreading about of something

Synonyms for dispersion

spreading widely or driving off

the spatial or geographic property of being scattered about over a range, area, or volume

the act of dispersing or diffusing something

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We use two methods based in post electronic compensation to compensate the chromatic dispersion of the optical fiber: CMA and Backpropagation.
Overcoming Chromatic Dispersion Effects in Fiber-Wireless Systems Incorporating External Modulators.
Koshiba, "The role of artificial defects for engineering large effective mode area, flat chromatic dispersion, and low leakage losses in photonic crystal fibers: towards high speed reconfigurable transmission platforms," Optics Express, vol.
The modified NLS equation integrating the effect of fiber loss SPM and chromatic dispersion (CD) is given byEquation
In the previous sections, we numerically demonstrated that the proposed fiber has an exceptional chromatic dispersion flatness with low dispersion slope and large effective area in the S+C+L communication band.
The power penalty is resulting essentially from the walk-off time, due to fiber chromatic dispersion, between the two optical harmonics [30].
Chan," A Novel Re-modulation Scheme to Achieve Colorless High-Speed WDM-PON with Enhanced Tolerance to Chromatic Dispersion and Re-modulation Misalignment",OFC/NFOEC, (2007) 1-3
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The chromatic dispersion causesbroadening and phase changing of the signal.
The attributes of these fibers are optimized for reduced macrobend loss for bends as small as 10 mm radius, while their specifications for attenuation, chromatic dispersion and PMD remain the same as those specified in G.
A 10 Gbps TDM signal requires chromatic dispersion compensation and sometimes even polarization mode dispersion to clean up the distorted signal.
Prior to the development of the DDC, researchers knew that the data pulses were susceptible to broadening due to chromatic dispersion that causes data to travel at different speeds.
However, the emergence of wavelength-division multiplexing now requires that chromatic dispersion itself be measured over the [approximately equal to]80 nm optical bandwidth occupied by multiple wavelength channels.
This results from a combination of chromatic dispersion and mode hopping.
When employed together with enhanced-performance versions of existing compensation technologies for chromatic dispersion (*6) and polarization mode dispersion (*7), the new technology will achieve longer transmission distances.