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Christian martyr and patron saint of travellers (3rd century)

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Christophorus has appeared for 60 years now as a magazine devoted to friends of the Porsche company, making it one of the most tradition-rich customer magazines in Germany.
This is already the third significant award for Christophorus this year.
The selections were translated from the second edition, revised, of the Dicaeologicae, which was published in Frankfort in 1649 by the Heirs of Christophorus Corvinus.
Do mesmo modo, encontramos na poesia ritmica Antiochia, Alexandria, Theodorus, orthodoxus, tyrannus, speleum, sarcophagus, Christophorus para os vocabulos gregos Antiocheia etc.
In his explanations for the establishment of the Spanish monarchy, Campanella lists "the Discovery of the New World, made by Christophorus Columbus .
The CPO label (Classic Produktion Osnabruck) has built an enviable international reputation with its extensive catalogue of largely unknown works, such as Schreker's Christophorus, Korngold's Die Kathrin and Alfano's Cyrano de Bergerac.
Gracias al lenguaje, esta novela presenta una poderosa galeria de personajes, como los indios caribes, el flamenco Christophorus Gaaramanijk, o el ultimo de sus avatares, ese Garamantez quien viaja a Nautla en busca de los arcanos de su estirpe, no sin antes protegerse de la muerte con una armadura compuesta de los cronicones y clasicos que un oportuno bachiller en letras lleva consigo.
A moving scene of ecstatic merriment and confuse surprise develops; Christophorus Aschenfelder, the local toll-collector who proudly displays Erasmus' books on the shelves of his boot, next to the customs forms, is beside himself with joy and admiration for his unexpected chance of meeting Erasmus, the most famous writer of his time.
Christophorus is Porsche's in-house effort and, considering the subject matter, it's brain-numbingly boring.
Wailes investigates where possible the literary influences on individual plays, particularly in the case of Christophorus Hoffmann's Vom Reichen Manne und armen Lazaro of 1579, which draws on two earlier plays, one of the 'South German' grouping and an earlier 'Lutheran' one.
48) Christophorus Clavius (Geometria practica, Maguncia, 1606, pp.
The other controversy that was to persist for a long time, not only in the Netherlands, but in all of Europe, arose around the doctrines introduced by the Socinian visitors from Poland in 1597/98, Christophorus Ostorodt and Andreas Voidovius, who influenced Conrad Vorstius (1569-1622), the first Socinian in the Netherlands.
In 1548 Christophe Milieu (or Christophorus Mylaeus) published in Florence a remarkable book entitled Plan for Writing the History of the Universe, and three years later he produced an expanded edition, printed in Basel, called Writing the History of the Universe of Things.
22387); CD transfer: Christophorus [Germany], 1993 (CHE 0041-2).
If one reads the title to book I found in the first printed edition of the Disputationes, "Christophori Landini Florentini Ad Illustrissimum Federicum Principem Urbinatum Disputationum Camaldulensium Liber Primus De Vita Contemplativa Et Activa Feliciter Incipit" ("From Christophorus Landinus of Florence to the most illustrious Federicus Prince of Urbino, book i of the Camaldulensian Disputations concerning the contemplative life and the active life auspiciously begins") several lines later one will read Landino's description of the work as the sermones, "quos Leonem Baptistam Albertuni .