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English poet and playwright who introduced blank verse as a form of dramatic expression


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Medieval chroniclers alleged that Edward and Gaveston were lovers - a view endorsed by dramatist Christopher Marlow in his Edward II.
Traffic officer Christopher Marlow, who gave the ambulance crew the all clear to enter the premises, was the first policeman on the scene.
He explains attraction, reflection, rule-making, devotion, utopianism, marginalization and the heart of the poet along with the moments in his life that shaped his mind and spirit, and critiques the works of authors ranging from Christopher Marlow to Emily Dickenson, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Robert Creeley, and Zbigniew Herbert.
Astington, takes up yet another such topic, exploring important connections between "The Universities and the Theater," and featuring contributions by Sarah Knight, Andrew Gurr, Christopher Marlow, and Alan H.
Lamenting the state of humanity today she quoted the saying of Christopher Marlow who had spoken about the subject in the 16th century.
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