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United States writer (born in England) whose best known novels portray Berlin in the 1930's and who collaborated with W

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The program for this evening includes a reception and dinner; a special presentation by Guido Santi and Tina Mascara, featuring unreleased video footage; readings from The Animals: Love Letters Between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, edited by Katherine Bucknell; and a special announcement.
In fact author Christopher Isherwood based his character on Jean Ross, an English woman he met while living in decadent Berlin in the early 1930s.
And as much as the Doctor has kissed bisexual Captain Jack in the revived TV series, he went a step further in the new BBC drama, following the life of author Christopher Isherwood.
30pm) Novelist Christopher Isherwood arrives in Berlin in the 1930s to stay with poet WH Auden, his friend and occasional lover, and is thrilled by the city's thriving gay subculture.
30pm Doctor Who star Matt Smith plays acclaimed novelist Christopher Isherwood in this one-off drama, which follows him to hedonistic Berlin in the 1930s.
Actually, he's leaving the Doctor behind to play novelist Christopher Isherwood in this quality one-off drama, also starring Lindsay Duncan, Imogen Poots and Toby Jones.
Isherwood Changes Trains: Christopher Isherwood and the Search for the Home Self
A Single Man is a deeply moving portrait of love and death, based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood.
Summary: In his novel, oA Single Man,o Christopher Isherwood writes of othat marvelous minority, The Living.
Based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man is beautifully handled by first-time director Tom Ford.
A Single Man" is adapted from a book by Christopher Isherwood, who worked and lived throughout the middle of the last century as if he never knew what the inside of a closet looked like.
ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS I DID WHEN I VISITED BERLIN (to interview the city's gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit) in 2003 was to find Nollendorfstrasse 17, the apartment house where Christopher Isherwood lived in the 1930s.
Britain s Colin Firth won best actor for his turn as a gay professor mourning his lover in designer Tom Ford s debut picture "A Single Man", based on a Christopher Isherwood novel.
Britain's Colin Firth won best actor for his turn as a gay professor mourning his lover in designer Tom Ford's debut picture "A Single Man," based on a Christopher Isherwood novel.
90 minutes), the true story of British writer Christopher Isherwood and American portrait painter Don Bachardy, 30 years his junior.