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Christian martyr and patron saint of travellers (3rd century)

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Sir Christopher stood a little apart, his arms folded behind his back, one heavy brown boot thrust forward, chin in as curbed, and black eyebrows lowered to shade the keen eyes.
"We've got to catch him," cried Sir Christopher. "Come along!"
"Settle that when he's caught," said Sir Christopher. We're responsible for the beast."
"Christopher Colombo!--ze great Christopher Colombo!"
"Christopher Colombo--the great Christopher Colombo.
Christopher Colombo --pleasant name--is--is he dead?"
"You wouldn't have much chance in London, I suppose," said Christopher. "But won't you find it rather dull--just watching us?"
"Piper!--oh, damn!--I shall have to get up," murmured Christopher.
"All the same, I shall have to get up," Christopher grumbled.
Philanthropists of both sexes had asked who he was, and on being informed, 'Old Christopher Casby, formerly Town-agent to Lord Decimus Tite Barnacle,' had cried in a rapture of disappointment,
why, with that head, is he not a father to the orphan and a friend to the friendless!' With that head, however, he remained old Christopher Casby, proclaimed by common report rich in house property; and with that head, he now sat in his silent parlour.
'We are older, Mr Clennam,' said Christopher Casby.
'An excellent woman that mother of yours, Christopher,' said Mr Swiveller.
"Well," said Christopher Newman, stretching his arms a little, with a sigh, "I envy you."
"But I suppose," said Christopher Newman, with an earnest desire for information, "that you must be bright to begin with."
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