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Christian martyr and patron saint of travellers (3rd century)

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Settle that when he's caught," said Sir Christopher.
Now and again a floor shook a little under the combined rushes of Lord Lundie and Sir Christopher Tomling, who gave many and contradictory orders.
By Jove, he's quite right," said Sir Christopher ,from the landing.
It was followed by a blood-hound-like bay from Sir Christopher, a maniacal prestissimo on the organ, and loud cries, for Jimmy.
Sir Christopher, covered with limewash, cherished a bleeding thumb, and the almost crazy monkey tore at Giuseppe's hair.
Lord Lundie and Sir Christopher, constrained by tradition, paced slowly.
You wouldn't have much chance in London, I suppose," said Christopher.
All the same, I shall have to get up," Christopher grumbled.
We shall have a fine day to-morrow," said Christopher with complacency, and he sat himself on the floor at her feet, and leant his back against her knees, and stretched out his long stockinged legs to the fire--all signs that he felt no longer any restraint at the presence of the stranger.
I should like Mary to stroke my head like that," Ralph thought to himself suddenly, and he looked at Christopher, almost affectionately, for calling forth his sister's caresses.
With that head, however, he remained old Christopher Casby, proclaimed by common report rich in house property; and with that head, he now sat in his silent parlour.
He was aware of motes and specks of suspicion in the atmosphere of that time; seen through which medium, Christopher Casby was a mere Inn signpost, without any Inn--an invitation to rest and be thankful, when there was no place to put up at, and nothing whatever to be thankful for.
But I suppose," said Christopher Newman, with an earnest desire for information, "that you must be bright to begin with.
There was an easy, homely gayety in the whole scene, and Christopher Newman felt that it was most characteristically Parisian.
It must be admitted, rather nakedly, that Christopher Newman's sole aim in life had been to make money; what he had been placed in the world for was, to his own perception, simply to wrest a fortune, the bigger the better, from defiant opportunity.
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