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a religious doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus' teachings

the branch of theology concerned with the person and attributes and deeds of Christ

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All contributors to the volume begin their essay investigating "the relationship between the Christology of the Chalcedonian definition and their own contextual Christological observations and proposals" (3).
The reader will be impressed with the depth and breadth of Karkkainen's scholarship and his remarkable ability to integrate them all into a coherent articulation of Christology and soteriology.
In his article, "The Lordship of Jesus and Secular Theology," Thomsen addresses the Christology of Paul van Buren, one of the secular theologians emerging in the 1960s who was associated at least indirectly with the "death of God" phenomenon.
Jesus of Galilee: Contextual Christology for the 21st Century, carefully edited by Robert Lassalle-Klein of Holy Names University in Oakland, Calif.
Texas) critiques two approaches in the debate about the development of Christology among Jesus' earliest followers.
Davis summarizes Christology from the second through fifth centuries, presenting the most salient material from Basilides, Valentinus, Clement, Origen, Athanasius, Cyril, and others.
Secularism's co-opting of Christology to serve the interests of nationalism and capitalism prompts the need for contemporary Christian dissent.
In reality, there is not truly a New Testament, Catholic concept of Church without a direct and vital relation not only with sociology but first of all with Christology.
Robert Wright, a professor at the General Theological Seminary in New York and a member of the joint commission, pointed out that "we have nearly reached full agreement in our dialogue with these four great churches on the doctrine of Christology.
One must carefully distinguish a purely empirical, scientific quest for the historical Jesus from what we know through faith--the New Testament's theology of Jesus--its Christology.
Elevated to the episcopacy of the important see of Palestina Secunda, sometime between 538 and 544, John not only gathered these texts of Dionysius, he also lent his own Neochalcedonian Christology to them in order to have one more apostolic authority from which to quote against the Monophysites of his day.
When John McIntyre, professor emeritus of divinity at the University of Edinburgh, was given the opportunity to "update" his 1966 volume on The Shape of Christology he had, by his own admission, two choices before him.
This theologoumenon lies at the heart of Karl Barth's Christology, and indeed, as Bruce MacCormack claims in his comprehensive study of the genesis and development of Barth's theology in the crucial years between 1909 and 1936, marks a watershed in that it made the incarnation of the Logos into the contradiction of human existence the fundament and model of the analogia fidei: `With the adoption of the anhypostatic-enhypostatic model of Christology, Barth's theology had moved into a new phase.
Students take classes in Old Testament and New Testament studies, Christology, sacraments, ethics and morality, and world religions.