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a religious doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus' teachings

the branch of theology concerned with the person and attributes and deeds of Christ

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Which theological conservatives don't do because they somehow keep the Christology "in church.
The humanity of Christ; christology in Karl Barth's Church dogmatics.
Finally, taking Barth's retrieval of Luther's Christology seriously means bringing to light the falsity that lies in the concept of an autonomous "good will" that accompanies modern individuals' sense of self.
Instead of starting our reflection with Christology, we need to start with an adequate theology of the Holy Spirit, or what L.
Christology indeed belongs fully to the church universal.
In short, despite several questions, this book is an important addition to the literature of Indian Christian theology, and it enables students to become familiar with various debates in Christology in the contemporary world.
s "The Christology of Michelangelo: The Sistine Chapel" (volume 2) and "The Medici Chapel as a Resurrection" (volume 3); in Philip Fehl's, "Michelangelo's Crucifixion of St.
Among his topics are the anthropocentric shape of modern theology, the language of theology, systematic christology in the existential-ontological key, Macquarrie's interpretation of contemporary New Testament christology, his evaluation of christology from classical to modern, the nature and crisis of modern christology, and dialectical theism and anthropology.
The pre-Easter sayings are much more useful to Wink in formulating a christology from below, since in these it is much easier to see Jesus as a truly human being, even though somewhat above the norm.
The answer is that, even while they are depicting a naturalistic scene, the artists are teaching Christology.
On a more supportive note, Nichols views the Christology of Panagiotis Trembelas -- with its Cyrillian understanding of "hypostatic union" -- as identical to that of Aquinas and, in actuality, the Christology of both churches until the twentieth century.
In laying out the tenets of two heretofore competing christological frameworks--Word Christology and Spirit Christology--C.
The second part links founders of religions (Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, Lao-Tze, and avatars in Hinduism) with Christology.
Loon (theology, Centre for Patristic Research, Utrecht) was troubled at the interpretation of Cyril's (370-444) christology put forth by both the (Chalcedonian) Eastern Orthodox and the (Miaphysite) Oriental Orthodox representatives as they have met over the past half century to try to repair the rift that opened between them after the Council of Chalcedon in 451.