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a religious doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus' teachings

the branch of theology concerned with the person and attributes and deeds of Christ

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So, when we preach, we have to preach Christologically.
As an attorney in public service, I picked up Performing the Faith with particular delight, since I have drawn deeply on Bonhoeffer for a Christologically grounded, responsible faith lived in my own vocation.
At the same time, Podhoretz is aware of the mischief that crept into the Christologically tinted KJV, and there are many footnotes in the text where the author quibbles with the KJV's translations of difficult Hebrew passages.
He sees Pico's position on the ontological place of humankind as wit hin the Platonic tradition rather than as a break from it, and as informed by a metaphysical preconception which reflected a combination of neo-Platonic and Christologically anthropocentric concerns.
The author clearly intends to establish a dependence of the notion of human personality on that of a christologically interpreted incarnation.
55) This Dionysian inflection of the ontological argument involves picking up from Augustine and Anselm just at the point where their exemplarism left off: the Augustinian-Anselmian Verbum is the self-expression of the good, but as we have seen, neither is clear how this Verbum, the exemplar of all creatures, is expressed christologically.
Lower case for "son of man," since the phrase is generic in the Hebrew original (also generic in the Septuagint and the Vulgate), though from the beginning Christian tradition construed it Christologically as an anticipation of Jesus.
The new birth was clearly essential for Burkholder and was grounded christologically.
With regard to mission, the position taken is that "the Catholic Church has come to recognize that its mission of preparing for the coming of the kingdom of God is one that is shared with the Jewish people, even if Jews do not conceive of this task christologically as the Church does.
responds Christologically to the Nietzschean tradition, admitting that the very Christology he offers shares much of the genetic code of the Nietzschean discourses he rejects.
With this vision, Bader-Saye believes he has presented a vision of a Christologically inspired, pneumatologically secured, political vision of the church that simultaneously reflects God's faithfulness to Jewish election and respects the "witness of Israel post Christum" (28).
2--and Flans Urs von Balthasar's interpretation of that doctrine in The Theology of Karl Barth, Ratzinger argues that election must be christologically determined, rather than developed from an abstract, "two unknowns" theory of predestination that "takes place between a terrifying divine absolute on the one side and an isolated creature on the other.
Reading Scripture in the liturgy is a natural way to read the Bible christologically, with Jesus as the key to reading the Old Testament as a Christian text.
Rejecting Bender's search for the "essence" of Anabaptism, Biesecker-Mast instead defines the movement as "an array of christologically oriented historical practices," which took on a variety of apparently different forms in a "rich and dynamic field of struggle and of contested commitments" (69).
They may be "federated" in one way or another, to use von Allmen's language, and be visibly united in confessing a common faith (as were the christologically orthodox trinitarian missionaries of diverse denominations in China of which I have spoken).