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a religious doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus' teachings

the branch of theology concerned with the person and attributes and deeds of Christ

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The text of the Old Testament is still interpreted christologically, indeed much too christologically, from twenty-first century standards.
His topics include the phenomena of the human and the nature of a christologically determined dialogues, and christological adequacy and non-reductive forms of physicalism.
I do not see this as in any way distorting the Christological "Lordship" of Jesus Christ, but as an attempt to express that Lordship in such a way that the relationship it describes is not seen exclusively in terms of a socially fixed hierarchy, which is not what is intended christologically.
Considered christologically, the imago of God in the Son helps us to understand the absolute coexistence of the persons of the Trinity.
For all the sympathy it may project onto Wuornos' plight, this independent Hollywood film conveys "lesbian violence" as an allegory par excellence of right-libertarian crusade, of Bush II's fundamentalist global venture conceived and justified christologically as seat of transnational redemption.
So, when we preach, we have to preach Christologically.
As an attorney in public service, I picked up Performing the Faith with particular delight, since I have drawn deeply on Bonhoeffer for a Christologically grounded, responsible faith lived in my own vocation.
At the same time, Podhoretz is aware of the mischief that crept into the Christologically tinted KJV, and there are many footnotes in the text where the author quibbles with the KJV's translations of difficult Hebrew passages.
41) Again, these allusions have led Christians standardly to want to interpret Psalm 69 christologically, and specifically as related to Christ's Passion.
He sees Pico's position on the ontological place of humankind as wit hin the Platonic tradition rather than as a break from it, and as informed by a metaphysical preconception which reflected a combination of neo-Platonic and Christologically anthropocentric concerns.
While christologically rooted, the four elements of the strategy explicated by Niebuhr were all essentially social processes in principle open to imitation by anyone regardless of prior theological commitment.
a house in his life, but after 1803 (his Christologically significant
Thus christologically verse 35 is the pivotal fulcrum: `I am the bread of life .
The author clearly intends to establish a dependence of the notion of human personality on that of a christologically interpreted incarnation.
I have rather argued--I hope forcefully and extremely carefully, for the first time in a comprehensive monograph, how the apokatastasis doctrine is biblically, philosophically, and especially christologically grounded in its patristic supporters.