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a religious doctrine or theory based on Jesus or Jesus' teachings

the branch of theology concerned with the person and attributes and deeds of Christ

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Although the christological hermeneutic for reading the Enarrationes has been predominantly accepted, M.
Critique: Impressively well written, organized and presented, "The Gospel According To Heretics: Discovering Orthodoxy Through Early Christological Conflicts" is an inherently fascinating study for both scholars and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the history and development of the early Christian communities following the death of Jesus.
Boyarin concludes that in fact there is nothing new about the Christological vision applied to Jesus--that it is actually old in terms of Jewish tradition.
If the Gospel of John was written in Ephesus, for example, how many leaders would have recognized a Roman political counterpart for the christological titles.
For those used to associating Mary in Byzantium primarily with the Christological controversies and with a rich, though somewhat nebulous, iconic heritage, Pentcheva's study brings added perspective by focusing more on ritual and practice in its reconsideration of the history of imperial involvement in the shaping of Constantinople's cult of Mary.
The Yoke of the Dalits and the Cross of Christ: A Christological Study in the North Indian Context.
So great is the emotional power of this work that it must be reckoned not only an important artistic achievement but as one of the great Christological statements of the century," writes Robert Ellsberg in All Saints: Daily Reflections on Saints, Prophets, and Witnesses for Our Time (Crossroad).
The first major section deals with Yoder's relativizing of the classic Christological statements from the fourth and fifth centuries (Nicea and Chalcedon, as well as Trinity).
However, in 1994 the Assyrian Church signed a common Christological declaration with the Vatican.
David Aronson: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture is a truly beautiful, full-color coffee table book displaying and showcasing the artistic creations of David Aronson, an immigrant artist of Jewish background and cultural heritage who has deftly incorporated Christological, Jewish, mystical and modernist motifs.
Moreover, Evans discusses all of the major Christological heresies of the fifth and sixth centuries in only two pages (68-69).
The two hitherto unpublished Christological treatises by Johann Gerhard which reflect Luther's own Christological interests, constitute a fitting appendix to Steiger's work.
On the one hand, the Christological basis of the constitutional principle on which the WCC is established and, on the other hand, the acceptance of its aims by the member churches constitute a de facto minimal ecclesiological presupposition.
We see both the christological and trinitarian approaches as pertaining to the convergence/consensus method, and as foundational to our understanding of the nature of the church.
It is clear from the start that John's life cannot be understood apart from the Christological debates of his day and most of the biographicai details center around his combating those various schools of thought openly opposed to Chalcedon.