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Thanks to the generous care of many loving friends, my little ones had a Christmastide, such a vision of innocent delight as, I believe, few of them ever beheld before.
In a crazy world this Christmastide, I'm not deaf nor blind to the religious intolerance, ethnic hatreds and nasty ideologies swirling violently around us.
Moritz Woelk takes us back in time to a period a thousand years ago, when simple folk reverenced what they called Christmastide - that holy season of the year, when the Christ child was a living entity in tiny country churches and princely cathedrals throughout Europe, where the holy relics of the Magi, the Three Kings, were displayed to awe-inspired congregations who fell to their knees in adoration.
Let us entrust ourselves to the maternal intercession of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our Mother, that she may help us this holy Christmastide, which is already close at hand, to see in the face of our neighbour, especially the weakest and most marginalized people, the image of the Son of God made man.
In Pynchon's monumental narrative, Mason and Dixon's expedition across America occurs as an inset story, told by a narrator named Reverend ("Revd") Wicks Cherrycoke in the Christmastide of 1786 and in the house of Cherrycoke's brother, gun proprietor Mr.
However, it is conceivable that Barber, who includes it in Christmas Eve, could have heard reference to the Gospel of John text in preaching during Christmastide.
I would argue that by including the Russian Christmastide ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) ritual of cross-dressing, Tolstoy points out that the barrier that prevents Sonya and Nicholas from being together is as much about oppressive gender roles as it is about class.
There are sonnets written in response to the seven Great O Antiphons, sonnets concerned with Christmastide, Epiphany, Holy Week, the Stations of the Cross, and other significant events on the church calendar.
In 1990, Van Akin Burd published a critical edition of some of Ruskin's correspondence--letters from Venice at Christmastide, 1876.
The most obvious of these, of course, is the appearance of the Green Knight at Christmastide, but it is also significant that he comes unarmed and yet provokes the onlookers in the court to fear.
One Christmas, ere he kissed 'Good night,' And breathed a prayer aside: 'God bless the mother and the boy this happy Christmastide.
Similarly, Weintraub contends that the Christmastide meeting between Churchill and FDR was equally significant--the Americans were still reeling from the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor while the British Empire staggered against equally stunning reversals in the Far East.
The talk on Christmastide by Mr Rowe was witty and serious, historical and modern.
Many commentators, notably Barbara Lewalski, have explained that Shakespeare incorporates in Twelfth Night values associated with the Feast of the Epiphany, observed on January 6th: the day after the end of Christmastide.