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Synonyms for Christmas

festive season


Synonyms for Christmas

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Elliott and Christmas (1995) observed a larger shoulder alignment angle for a shoulder height impact compared with a hip height impact during a backspin 1BH.
Until Recently, the Glastonbury Holy Thorn, famous for its Christmas blossom, stood in front of St John the Baptist's Church in the centre of the Somerset town.
SANTA CLAUS and Christmas carols will greet visitors to the National Coal Mining Museum tomorrow (Sunday), when the Grange Moor attraction hosts a charity fund-raising event.
Meanwhile, the show Ornament celebrates the art of contemporary Christmas decoration @ Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre until January 28 LLANARTHNE De/Code by Emma Tuck was inspired by research at the National Botanic Garden of Wales to barcode all 1,143 of the native flowering plants of Wales.
Andy, Paul, Cynthia and Diana show us some traditional recipes in The Sweetmakers at Christmas
I have committed, for example, to crafting my own Christmas cards and can be found nightly, amid a sprawl of shiny paper, glue and glitter, trying to inject a little festive cheer into what's fast turning into a production line, with all the soul-sapping monotony that implies.
He grumbles amiably about his porridge like one of the senior Three Bears, gazes enviously at the cooked breakfast being doled out to the Fourth Estate - "No, your honour, I suppose you couldn't really call it work" - and muses aloud over the identity of the horse he'll soon add to our Christmas list.
While supermarkets were squeezed between the advances of discounters and more upscale chains, clothing retailers such as M&S started discounting before Christmas in an effort to tempt shoppers prepared to leave their shopping until the last minute to get a bargain.
Opening: "This awful Christmas card comes from Port Isabel.
Jenners' deputy manager Alan Thomlinson said: "This Christmas has been incredible and it's showing no sign of letting up now that the sales have started.
Take-home lager sales during this year's World Cup were higher than any other sporting event, the Millennium or Christmas, according to recent trading figures, but fears of further price cuts continue.
This will be my first Christmas away from home but with so many games over Christmas, one on December 27, and training on Boxing Day, it's a totally different experience.