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festive season


Synonyms for Christmas

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Far from being seen as environmental damage, the trend is bringing comfort and joy to British Christmas-tree growers.
The Fire Department responds to dozens of Christmas-tree related fires every year.
In my house, however, Christmas-tree SHOPPING is a tradition carried over from my wife's childhood, and unless we stop and browse and haggle and freeze to death at a minimum of 10 lots, we can't possibly find an acceptable tree or enjoy the season.
Especially when Christmas-tree lightings get the same breathless, top-of-the-news coverage as the latest Bosnian incursion, when stores flog even lint trays and surgical support hose as stocking stuffers, when every last jot of TV programming subjects you to double and triple doses of the hot holiday toy - this year's version of the Power Rangers.
Eveline Nottingham had no intention of becoming the Christmas-Tree Lady 35 years ago when she planted her first 500 trees.