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a stocking that is filled with small Christmas presents

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Kyle MacLachlan of "Twin Peaks" and "Portlandia" fame has some Christmas stocking issues of his own.
To add more glitter and sophistication, place ornaments like reindeers, flowers and Christmas stockings that come in earth and eco colors at Rustan's.
Randy the guinea pig |with Chloe Eburne at Hatton Country World and the Christmas stockings up around the walls
50, Next Baby's first Christmas stocking, [euro]5, Wilkinson's Fraser Esprit Space Stars children's rug, [euro]54.
to pick up a free Christmas stocking to take home, and fill with Christmas cheer.
So if you can knit and have a couple of hours to spare, please get in touch or visit our website for the Christmas stocking pattern and get knitting
Employees at Newcastle Building Society have been supporting Help for Heroes' annual Christmas stocking campaign.
feeling that women up on Christmas Day find things buzz wiggle in I have a fee if some w wake u Christ to fin that and w their Chris stock next i migh titl Christmas stockings, the instalment might be titled Fifty Shades of Huff.
London, May 15 (ANI): Walt Disney Company has proactively acquired the trademark for 'Seal Team 6' - the name of the US Special Forces team that killed Osama bin Laden - for making toys, games, movies, snow globes and Christmas stockings.
Virgin Atlantic said today that its Upper Class passengers departing on Christmas Eve and arriving on Christmas Day will receive Christmas stockings.
Oh the joys of Christmas time With fun parties, and games like charades to mime Christmas celebrations are on the way Soon Rudolph will be pulling his heavy sleigh Full to the brim with sweets and toys Filling Christmas stockings of good little girls and boys The precious sounds of children's laughter Wouldn't it be nice to live happy ever after With Christmas trees festooned with lights, Lifting the gloom of dark cold winter nights Christmas makes everybody come alive To party favouriteswe all dance and jive .
La Fox is back in business, and that means Christmas stockings will be bulging with this career collection.
Best for: Kids who need more than ``Love'' in their Christmas stockings.
This season, her charity--Boatsie's Boxes for Baghdad--will ship hundreds of boxes of Christmas stockings stuffed with items like razors, puzzles, socks, and chocolates, Van Vranken says even the smallest show of support, like a letter or a box of snacks, can make a difference, "Everybody can do something," she says.
About two dozen Christmas stockings will be sent to Louisiana.