Christmas stocking

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a stocking that is filled with small Christmas presents

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Use rainy Sunday afternoons to make your own Christmas stockings from their old clothes that no longer fit, but are too special to simply throw out.
For adults, the Brown Fur Christmas Stocking from Barker and Stonehouse is a great choice for adding a sophisticated touch to your festivities.
McNally and Watson Funeral Home is running its sixth annual Christmas Stockings for Soldiers program.
Help for Heroes packs around 500 Christmas stockings each year, which are then given to the wounded at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Headley Court and Recovery Centres at Catterick, Colchester and Tedworth.
At Salamander Cookshop we have an exciting, inspirational range of practical and pretty Christmas stocking gifts that will be useful even after the festive jollies are over.
The workshop, called Christmas Stockings, will provide beginners to the craft with a chance to create a stocking, glamorised and personalised with festive bells, baubles and beads.
Tony's Stocking (patent pending), a unique product from ShipShapeUSA, is a shipping box that looks like a Christmas stocking.
Get your hands on two festive gifts, a fantastic Christmas stocking and brilliant present sack, totally free of charge.
The presents were given to the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital as part of the charity's Christmas Stocking Appeal, launched recently by patron Catherine Zeta Jones.
Clinton, to pick up a free Christmas stocking to take home, decorate and fill with Christmas cheer.
Worth it for any music-lover's Christmas stocking, if not for the abundance of featured talent, then to help raise money for North East children's charity Smile For Life.
The singer, who was visiting the hospital yesterday as part of the Noah's Ark Christmas Stocking Appeal, said she had been surprised at the Welsh Government's announcement last week of pounds 63.
com FILLED with yummy and colourful chocolate jazzies and snowies this little Father Christmas stocking is pounds 9.
Best Gift For Girls Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy 2011 by Daisy Meadows (Orchard Books, pounds 5.
But our findings also reveal that three per cent more people would rather find a sex toy in their Christmas stocking than Simon Cowell and only two per cent of men want to kiss Harriet Harman under the mistletoe.