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tropical American plant having poisonous milk and showy tapering usually scarlet petallike leaves surrounding small yellow flowers

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CHRISTMAS STAR RATING: 4 Wensleydale with double chocolate and orange, 200g, Asda The Yorkshire tradition says you should pair your Christmas fruit cake with a slice of Wensleydale but this concoction is like a disaster with a chemistry set.
Journey to the Christmas Star is a refreshing remake of a beloved Norwegian classic.
If you have used and unwanted wire-hangers, try and make your Christmas star.
If it seems ironic that Kepler, whose taws of planetary motion are the first point of reference for any budding astrophysicist, should have been proposing astrotogical solutions to the Christmas star problem, remember that he was employed as Court astrologer as welt as mathematician.
Scientists claim the Christmas star was most likely a magnificent conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter, which were so close together they would have shone unusually brightly as a single =93beacon of light,=94 which appeared suddenly.
Hundreds if not thousands of articles and books argue for and against various astronomical interpretations of what the Christmas Star might have been: a nova, a recurrent nova, a comet, a conjunction of planets, or a series of separate astronomical events.
She is supporting this year's Christmas Star Appeal in an effort to raise pounds 35,000, which is the cost of providing accommodation services to 350 young people over Christmas and December, and is also going the 'extra mile' by running the London Marathon for St Basils next year.
The poinsettia, also known as the Mexican flame leaf or Christmas star, is native to southern Mexico and was named for Joel Roberts Poinsett, the United States' first ambassador to that country who brought some plants home with him in 1825.
Yuletide motifs include a smiling snowman, stylized tree and procession of kings riding camels under a Christmas star.
And like the Star of David, the Christmas star is made of triangles.
The angels found the shepherds and the Christmas star found the Wise Men, but they were looking for something special, too.
CHRISTMAS STAR RATING: 3 Christmas pudding smoothie, PS1.
92 m (26 feet) high with layers of fake flower frosting and a Christmas star on top.
I don't know who he is but this man is the Christmas star of 2013.