Christmas rose

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European evergreen plant with white or purplish rose-like winter-blooming flowers

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Cloak of lights Light up paths Christmas rose Bird treats Door art Arch of lights & wreaths Create a fairytale-style entrance to your home by festooning lights over an arch and making your own wreath
Picture A is Christmas rose, Helleborus niger ; B is Christmas cactus Schlumbergera ; and C is Christmas cheer, Sedum rubrotinctum .
LAST year I bought a Christmas rose - but it didn't flower until January.
WHAT'S the difference between the Christmas Rose, the Christmas Herb and the Christmas Flower?
HELLEBORUS niger, also called the Christmas rose, has wonder ful, whi te bowlshaped flowers which are often flushed with pink.
THE Christmas rose provides one of the gardening year's greatest surprises.
And it is one you can expect from the Christmas rose (Helleborus niger), which has large white flowers with a green centre and golden stamens.
COVER Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, with a cloche to prevent mud from spoiling the blooms before you cut them and arrange them for the Christmas table.
The best known is Helleborus niger, the Christmas rose which, in fact, has nothing to do with roses though it does occasionally produce its pure white, saucer-shaped blooms with glorious golden stamens in time for the festive season.
ALTHOUGH known as the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger doesn't always flower in time for Christmas - but you can be sure that it will be there at New Year and carry on blooming until April.
HELLEBORUS niger, commonly known as the Christmas Rose, are wonderful pink-flushed, white flowers which create sparkle in winter gardens.
You can also order a stand, decorations, lights and festive plants such as the Christmas Rose.
All proceeds raised by the single, Christmas Rose, will go to RTE's People In Need appeal.
The best of these is Helleborus niger, commonly known as the Christmas Rose although I find it doesn't usually flower until the New Year.
THE Christmas rose or Helleborus Niger, is a bit of a cheat as it usually peaks in early January, so to guarantee perfect flowers for patio pots, flowerbeds or table decorations during the festive period, cover the plants now with open-ended cloches to offer them a little warmth and protection, or bring potted plants into a cool porch or conservatory.