Christmas rose

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European evergreen plant with white or purplish rose-like winter-blooming flowers

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YOU'VE probably come across plenty of holly, ivy, mistletoe and Christmas roses during the last few weeks, if not tangibly then at least on the front of cards and all the paraphernalia that accompanies the festive season.
The Christmas rose obviously had just what it needed and when my grandad left to marry, he brought a piece of the plant to their new garden.
They came to rest on a cattle shed / warmed the splintered straw / and lingered over // The Christmas Rose (*from Isaiah 11-1).
Compared to 2011, expectations of a happy Christmas rose in Balance Luzon and Visayas, but fell in Mindanao.
Helleborus niger, the Christmas rose, is one of several winter flowering hellebores, and the cyclamen coum, typically with tiny cerise flowers, produces a carpet of flowers and foliage under trees in January.
Other Yankee introductions in Atlanta include three holiday scents: Cherries on Snow, Christmas Rose and Mountain Berry; the Vintage Collection, featuring a nostalgic greeting card on the front of the jar, available in the fragrances Vintage Berries, Heritage Pine and Nostalgic Snow; the Wine Collection, a line of wine-inspired fragrances; and My Favorite Things, a line of six fragrances that play off the movie classic "The Sound of Music.
And you can get this gorgeous Christmas Rose worth pounds 15.
Sales of duck and goose last Christmas rose by more than 50 per cent year-on-year according to Waitrose, which said families were "seeking comfort in more succulent foods".
If you're looking for an easy and rewarding plant to grow, the Christmas Rose is for you.
North Yorkshire-based Holme Farmed Venison, which supplies Sainsbury, Waitrose, Asda and Booths, said its volume sales in the week before Christmas rose 75% year-on-year, which led to it recruiting more employees and deer farmers.
niger, the Christmas Rose, flowers from January to March, bearing white flowers with a yellow centre.
will design and manufacture tea kettles, canister sets, colanders, six-piece bowl sets, buffet sets and coasters sporting Portmeirion USA's Dog Rose and Christmas Rose floral patterns.
HOLIDAY BUFFET FOR 10 TO 12 Buy-and-Serve Appetizers Garden Vegetables Curry Yogurt Dip Sugar-crusted Baked Ham Mustard Basket of Assorted Breads Marinated Vegetable Salad Bulgur Salad Christmas Rose Trifle Dry Red Wine Hot Cider Bar
A Mistletoe B Holly C Ivy D Christmas rose QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: In which lunar 'sea' did the Apollo 11 mission land in 1969?