Christmas pudding

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a rich steamed or boiled pudding that resembles cake


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The official website of the royal family reveals how giving Christmas puddings to staff members is a tradition that the Queen's own father followed.
Turkey Trot The participants at the Crichton Campus event Sweet stuff Sue McGrouther dressed as a Christmas pudding Christmas costumes Shirley Turberville and Iris Prisic get into the spirit of the run
Luxury 12 month matured Christmas pudding (750g) PS6 A gooey, sticky treat bursting with sultanas, almonds and pecan nuts.
Christmas pudding Christmas cake Mince pies Taste the Difference 18 Month Matured Cognac-laced Christmas Pudding (900g) PS8 Full of mixed fruit and nuts, cider, cognac, sherry, brandy and rum, this pudding smells spicy and sweet once cooked.
But there are lots of reasons why this occasion, and indeed Christmas pudding making in general, has fallen out of fashion.
Plump rum-soaked raisins are added to a succulent Christmas pudding mix which is rich in fruit, winter spices, sherry and cider.
The Cowshed Ice Cream Parlour in Whitland, Carmarthenshire launched two daring dairy treats specially created for the festive season, a turkey dinner ice cream and Christmas pudding milkshake.
We check out the supermarkets' seasonal offerings Christmas pudding Christmas cake Mince pies Champagne NThe Collection Intensely Fruity Christmas Pudding, PS7.
For your own little Christmas puddings PERSONALISED CHRISTMAS PUDDING ROMPA WRAP up your little pudding in this pure cotton, super-soft babygrow and hat set, which can be personalised and features long sleeves and poppers on the legs.
Pastry chef at the The Landmark London, Pierre Rebuzzi, says: "The traditional time to make Christmas pudding is the fifth Sunday before Christmas - Stir-up Sunday (November 22, the last Sunday before advent) - but you can make them any time.
The Landmark London's Christmas pudding makes three puddings in 14cm bowls) INGREDIENTS 140g vegetable suet 140g demerara sugar 75g soft flour 75g breadcrumbs 30g lemon juice 4g nutmeg 1 pinch salt 20g jam 90ml Irish stout 1 grated apple 2 eggs 500g marinated fruit (see right) 200g walnuts For the marinated fruit: 100g dry apples 100g raisins 100g dry apricots 100g dry cranberries 100g golden raisins 20g navy rum 40ml brandy 20ml kirsch Juice and zest of 1/2 an orange; Juice and zest of 1/2 a lemon METHOD 1.
Being a keen baker but a total novice when it comes to all festive fayre, I thought it was about time I rolled up my sleeves - and enrolled on a Christmas pudding masterclass at The Landmark London in Marylebone.
It was so difficult to persuade children to eat Christmas pudding that parents used to put silver coins in them as a tempter.