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a card expressing a Christmas greeting

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There's a host of charities, local and nationally, which produce collections of Christmas cards to raise money for their causes and stores which sell them for other charities, too, many of which research an everwidening range of conditions and illnesses.
At least 70p of every pound spent on Diabetes UK Christmas cards in the shops will be given directly to the charity.
The Kardashian Family Christmas card may have been cancelled this year but Kris Jenner is trying to make up for it by posting a series of photos to celebrate the holiday.
But there's no need to worry if you have not bought your Christmas cards yet, as we have the perfect deal for you to claim a free pack at The Works.
SHEILA: No, I don't send Christmas Cards, I usually write a letter to the local newspapers and put it in our Newsletter and on Facebook.
27, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, Department of Veterans Affairs responded to Liberty Institute's demand letter on behalf of Susan Chapman, a teacher and organizer of a Christmas card project for veterans.
Although the Germans were the first to give home-made festive cards to loved ones, it was an Englishman who created ready-made Christmas cards that could be bought and sent through the post.
A final selection of six designs was chosen by OYT North to make up its pack of Christmas cards, which includes yacht James Cook pictured as a sleigh pulled by reindeer, sails made from Christmas trees, snowflakes shaped like wheels and anchors wrapped in bright red bows.
The ocean adventure with North Shields-based Ocean Youth Trust (OYT) North aboard its bright yellow yacht helped the youngsters to design a collection of sea-themed Christmas cards that the charity could sell to raise funds.
A CHRISTMAS card shop set up inside a Coventry library has opened for its second year.
Ever since UNCEF implemented this innovative charitable strategy, many organisations have been involved with exploiting Christmas cards as a fundraising tool.
Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham is sending out Christmas cards also designed by a child, this time from a Stockton school.
You will probably see the Forest Stewardship Council logo on the back of at least one of your Christmas cards this year.
And after having a postbox painted gold in her hometown, Ellie was enlisted by Royal Mail to send out the message to post Christmas cards early.
Ames, curator of the exhibition, "American Christmas Cards, 1900-1960," and author of a book that goes by the same name.