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a rich fruitcake (usually covered with icing and marzipan) and eaten at Christmas

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Unlike a Christmas cake you can make it and it eat straight away as the fruit and spices mature in the mincemeat, but .
Iced Christmas Cake Slice: This juicy fruit cake square has been infused with brandy.
Julian Thilak, general manager, said: "Our Christmas cakes are specially designed and decorated based on current trends and customer feedback.
It has taken the best part of a year for Ali to dream up 20 new recipes and styles of Christmas cake for M&S shoppers - from the ingredients to details like decoration, packaging and the colour and style of ribbons around the middle.
Chefs around Merseyside are currently whipping up batches of Christmas cakes and puddings to make sure the party season is a treat for the tastebuds.
They offer a full range of Christmas cakes, all very special as they are made from the original Swiss recipes used by Flurys in Kolkata ( which was started by two Swiss brothers) for decades.
A welsh family-run bakery has won a contract to supply thousands of British Airways customers flying all over the world with special Christmas cakes.
Cadbury Cakes is offering 10 retailers the chance to win five sets of Cadbury Christmas Cakes products from the range.
All Christmas cakes are special for a range of reasons: the ingredients, the skill of the maker, the love stirred into them, the alcohol poured over them, the family traditions associated with them, the memories evoked by them.
Greggs have lots of festive products in their shops just now, including mince pies, traditional Christmas cakes, Christmas tree biscuits, Christmas truffles, Jingle Buns, shortbread, black bun, Madeira, cherry and sultana cakes.
Fifty-eight first-year students at an elementary school in Matsuyama in western Japan are suffering from food poisoning after eating Christmas cakes they made in class on Saturday, school and health officials said Monday.
Antony, who runs Woz restaurant in West London, was asked to taste the best Christmas puddings, mince pies and Christmas cakes from all the leading supermarkets and to give his verdict.