Christmas cake

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a rich fruitcake (usually covered with icing and marzipan) and eaten at Christmas

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Later, the minister also distributed LCD, laptops, motorcycles, ovens, food processors, etc as gifts among Christian people and cut Christmas cake.
The day was celebrated through morning prayers, recitation from the holy Bible, carol singing, exchanging pleasantries, cutting Christmas cakes, decoration of Xmas trees at Sadar Baptists Church and other places.
But Farzana Michael wanted the traditional Christmas cake with the dried fruit to take to her brother.
Imaan said: "I was amazed when my Christmas cake won a prize as the standard was really high.
Finest Toasted Marzipan Topped Christmas Cake (800g), PS8 It looks like a savoury pie with its brown top but, underneath, the cake is moist and packed with fruit.
With more than 300 Lions Clubs New Zealand-wide, Christmas cake sales quickly escalated--some years topping six figures.
On a large table were trays laid out with traditional Christmas cake filling, and each of us in attendance were asked to mix them all together with our spoons.
The Nagaland BJP leader, accompanied by T Methna Konyak, Nagaland State BJP Council Member, visited the Union Home Minister at his official residence on the morning of December 25, the Christmas Day, with the huge Christmas Cake and gave it to him in the presence of many well-wishers.
Unlike a Christmas cake you can make it and it eat straight away as the fruit and spices mature in the mincemeat, but .
We check out the supermarkets' seasonal offerings Christmas pudding Christmas cake Mince pies Champagne NThe Collection Intensely Fruity Christmas Pudding, PS7.
MAKING a Christmas cake is a bit of an epic challenge, isn't it?
But the most essential yet tricky part of this festive occasion is preparing and baking a Christmas cake.