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December 26 was traditionally a day off for servants and it was the day they received the Christmas boxes.
The same held true for World War II American prisoners of war in Davao who were given not Christmas boxes, but Red Cross rations that had been withheld or used up by the Japanese elsewhere.
The tradition of giving such gifts was regarded as a problem in some quarters: "Within the memory of middle-aged persons the practice of giving Christmas boxes, or petty presents, to apprentices, domestic servants and tradesmen had become a serious social nuisance.
Special edition Christmas boxes were also available from the companies.
The group has put together 36 Christmas boxes ready for developing countries
In the build up to Christmas, students and staff have put a lot of effort into producing more than 330 Christmas boxes, which will be sent to children in less fortunate circumstances to themselves.
who are sending Christmas boxes to servicemen and women away from home this year.
Everyone who completed the challenge was greeted by Father Christmas, who handed out Christmas boxes painted in the colours of the Diamond Jubilee Medal ribbon.
But we've got a Christmas pud and the family made us up some Christmas boxes.
She collected Christmas boxes for needy youngsters across the borough.
The troops also received packages from family and friends, as well as 22,500 Christmas boxes from charity UK4U Thanks
Last month, OCC's Boone, North Carolina, collection center received an early delivery of Christmas boxes.
Every afternoon for the last month volunteers have been turning up at the church to check thousands of Christmas boxes for the Samaritan's Purse scheme's Operation Christmas Child.
Their employers would then present them with Christmas boxes.
Hosted by QVC presenter Simon Biagi, accompanied by food writer and broadcaster Angela Gray, the True Taste of Wales Show will feature Welsh Christmas boxes full of chocolate by award-winning Pembertons in Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire.