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When they saw that some children don't, they wanted to give the Christmas boxes so that those children had a little bit of the same joy.
Appeal: A host of Christmas boxes waiting to be sent to needy children and top, head Mrs Bev Mabey.
But we've got a Christmas pud and the family made us up some Christmas boxes.
She collected Christmas boxes for needy youngsters across the borough.
The troops also received packages from family and friends, as well as 22,500 Christmas boxes from charity UK4U Thanks
Last month, OCC's Boone, North Carolina, collection center received an early delivery of Christmas boxes.
Every afternoon for the last month volunteers have been turning up at the church to check thousands of Christmas boxes for the Samaritan's Purse scheme's Operation Christmas Child.
Conkers rangers are on hand with cool Christmas crafts to get stuck into, from making Christmas boxes and New Year calendars to getting active in the outdoors with orienteering at Waterside.
Christmas Boxes Allow All to Celebrate With Traditional Holiday Cuisine
Their employers would then present them with Christmas boxes.
Hosted by QVC presenter Simon Biagi, accompanied by food writer and broadcaster Angela Gray, the True Taste of Wales Show will feature Welsh Christmas boxes full of chocolate by award-winning Pembertons in Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire.
Police are advising people not to leave discarded Christmas boxes in plain view outside the house as this acts as an indicator to what is inside.
At the Bristol and District Grocers' Association, the president introduced a discussion on the practice of giving Christmas boxes which he said was most detrimental to the trade, it was injurious to give or receive them, because they did not enable the grocer to purchase on the best terms.
Christmas boxes, long-distance phone cards and ship christenings -- all have been part of the ministry of the Mission to Seafarers in the past year, according to a report presented to the fall meeting of Canadian Anglican bishops by Archbishop Terence Finlay of the diocese of Toronto, liaison bishop for the Mission in Canada.
Each December, El Centro de Amistad embarks on its most ambitious seasonal project: putting together 500 Christmas boxes that include canned goods, rice and beans, formula, tortillas and more, for families who qualify to receive them.